A'rthan Shipyard

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The A'rthan Shipyard is a vast structure located near the Romeo Sector, close to the home systems of the H'Korjorans. It is located in deep space, and consists of a massive docking structure and several dozen A'rthan starships.

Although the A'rthans are known to have been active throughout the galaxy, and possibly in other galaxies as well, physical evidence of their former presence is rare, and usually sparsely distributed. A'rthan "artifacts" are usually found alone, and seemingly distributed randomly. The A'rthan Shipyard, however, is a treasure trove of A'rthan technology.

With so many valuable A'rthan artifacts just sitting there in space, the temptation to raid the shipyard for technology is great. In fact, it has been successfully raided once: the Shyedarians managed to steal the Planetsmasher from the Shipyard and use it to threaten the Shedarian homeworld. Usually however, the Shipyard is protected both by its own internal defenses and by a H'Korjoran garrison, so thefts are extremely rare, and only trusted visitors are allowed. It should also be noted that most of the Shipyard is dormant and some areas are no longer functional; since the A'rthan technology tends to have a will of its own, it generally only activates when convinced to by the H'Korjorans, whom the artifacts chose to guard it.