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The main activity you will engage in on ShyeMUSH is roleplaying. Roleplaying basically means you create a fully-formed character belonging in the ShyeMUSH universe, and play out the actions of that character online. Unlike many games, the object in ShyeMUSH isn't to gain experience points, gold or loot. Rather, it is simply to enjoy the creative process and interact with other players. You can think of a MUSH as a large work of interactive fiction being written by multiple people together using the in-game commands. See the files on theme and character creation for information about the sorts of characters you may play on ShyeMUSH.

In online games like ShyeMUSH, there are a number of terms and abbreviations that are used commonly. The following is a list of some of the more common ones you may encounter, and what they mean in the context of ShyeMUSH:

A game administrator, one of the people in charge of running the game.
Abbreviation for "Away From Keyboard", meaning the person it is applied to is someplace other than their computer.
Short for Alternate Character. When a player has more than one character they play on the game, those characters are referred to as "alts".
Abbreviation for "Be Right Back", used when someone has to leave their computer to do something, but expects to return shortly.
Short for "character" -- the fictional being you control on a MUSH.
Refers to a player who is logged into the game, but has not executed any commands for some time, and is most likely not paying attention to their screen.
Specifically, it is the character with the dbref #1 (also called the "Godchar"), which has absolute control over all code aspects of the game. More generally, it is the name applied to the person who created the game environment. When multiple people are responsible for creating the game world, they are referred to as Co-Gods.
Abbreviation for "in-character". Actions performed by your character in the game world are referred to as IC actions. It also has the implication that the actions are possible within the context of the game world (versus actions that would be thematically impossible).
A new player, and particularly, a player who is new to MUSHes.
Abbreviation for "out-of-character". Basically, anything which is not IC (see the previous definition) is OOC.
A message sent using the "page" command to another player or multiple players.
Abbreviation for "roleplay".
A player who has been given responsibilities by the Admins for running certain aspects of the game. Staffers are usually the second level of administration on a MUSH, below the Admins.
Another term sometimes used for an Admin.

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