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Black Gazza is a Severe Prison located on the planet of Duotarin, a dry desert world, in the same Jovian system as Stronum.

The prison itself is located in the middle of the desert wastes of Shuulgar (which in Native Rshast languages means Too Dry). Escape to the surrounding towns is difficult, the closest town to the prison being roughly 90 kilometers away, but given the processing the prisoners receive, escaping the planet itself would require a small miracle or a coordinated effort from the outside. A defensive shield prevents transportation into and out of the prison but allows the passage of ground vehicles along the only official route to the complex, through the Val Demon mountains. With exception to the Hooylat passage, the mountain range is above the Lethal Zone, making escape improbable.

The prison was originally founded by the Shyedarians during the Shyedarian Revolution. The Empire needed someplace to put suspected revolutionaries, political prisoners, and other undesirables who had not committed any actual crime, but who needed to be made to disappear. The Shyedarians approached the Rshast, offering them a generous sum for ownership of one of the unused planets in their star system. They named the planet Duotarin, and built Black Gazza.

When the Shyedarian Revolution ended and the Shyedarians became part of the CIS, they had to give up Black Gazza -- the CIS frowned heavily upon secret prisons -- so they turned the planet and the prison over to the Rshast.

Image Of Black Gazza[edit]


Black Gazza in the Early Afternoon, Going On Evening, in the shadows of the Val Demon Mountains that form Shuulgar.

See the map of Shuulgar for an idea of the region.

Sample Of The Prisoners of Black Gazza[edit]


Roster of Black Gazza Inmates[edit]

A full fledged Black Gazza Inmate Roster can be found here.

Prisoner Processing[edit]

Processing of prisoners is an intense process and one that hardly forgets.

  • Prisoners, if hairy or furred, are shaved down completely.
  • Prisoners are then tattooed orange and black or intense blue and black, striped pattern. Creatures that are furred or hairy will discover the fur and hair will grow back in the according colors. This process is very intense and takes a full day to do, usually requiring the inmate to be put under. The drug that the Rshast use for this is known to be strong to the point of permanently leaving the pupils of most inmates to be unusually large.
  • Each prisoner is given a series of implants to enable close monitoring and life sign scanning.
  • Sessions of mental reconditioning has been known to happen shortly after admit to help with "lifestyle changes" and "assimilation anxiety".
  • An ID number, PRISONER over the left pectoral from the inmate's point of view, and BLACK GAZZA CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES on the back. These areas, for hairy or furred creatures, have the follicles destroyed to facilitate viewing.
  • A New Policy of Black Gazza has the prisoner numbers rendered in large, minimum of 1.5 inch high, lettering around at least one arm of the prisoner, tattooed, right below the sleeve of a standard prison uniform shirt and above the elbow. Unruly prisoners are usually rewarded with two such markings. If the creature has no limbs, the neck or the legs are used instead. Dein usually end up with a neck marking given the fact they have unnaturally narrow arms. It is considered unlawful to have said markings removed even if released.
  • Released prisoners usually receive a band of RELEASED on the arm and a chip installed to indicate a freed state. Mistakes never happen. Oversights occur at a rate of about .1%.
  • Prisoners are now being upgraded to use the L-CON system and are being fitted with LOC's as part of new policy.


    The uniform is a simple orange and black or blue and black striped jumpsuit, with orange boots. The prisoner ID and PRISONER is over the left pectoral and the BLACK GAZZA CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES on the back, mirroring the text tattoos on the body. The uniform contains a RFID type tag that will trigger a shock implant in the body if the uniform and the body should be separated by a distance greater than 5m.

    The uniform can differ depending on circumstances and most certainly differs if the prisoner is sent out on Work Detail.

    Work Detail[edit]

    Prisoners are required to work at some point during their stay at Black Gazza. This includes a number of projects and details and improvement projects around Arpaio, but most are located right in the valley where Black Gazza is located, to help the native and local populations make their homesteads and lives better.

    Some of the punishment work details are:

    Black Gazza Construction Work

    Blue Classified Prisoners[edit]

    The blue color used is a very strong and almost glowing blue color. This color is used for the more extreme prisoners, ones that are feared to be hopeless. While all prisoners sent to Black Gazza are considered violent and dangerous, the ones that earn the blue color are considered to be unlikely to be rehabilitated. Usually they are the subjects of exploratory surgery or procedures.


    No escapes have been documented. Pardons have been known to happen for specific inmates to fulfill certain practical needs by the Rshast or as a extradition to another government.

    Who Lives There[edit]

    The prison employs about one thousand staff members. The prison at it's current configuration can hold 100,000 prisoners and covers a area of several square miles and has several levels going underground.

    The prison also has been a facility, for a price, that has accepted people from other corners of the galaxy in order to merely disappear them from public life. Crime gangs in the Zulu sector have been known to take people here for breaking silence about details of various organized crime mobs.


    Arovf, a Rshast General, has accepted the posting as the General Executive Officer of Black Gazza.

    Contributions to Society[edit]

    Those that have proven to be compliant and coorperative are rewarded with socialization within the towns after a day of public service hard labors on roadways, building construction, and other constructive tasks. Most prisoners, due to the dialation of the eyes, find they must wear a prison issued cap as well as sunglasses.

    Death Stamps[edit]

    Black Gazza can and does carry out capital punishment. Those that are marked for death are done so by a marking directly on the forehead, fur and hair removed permanently for the process. The seal usually has a date of execution and a seal showing the method, e.g. lightning bolt indicates electrocution.

    • Examples


    Rumor Has It[edit]

    This section is still being evaluated by the writers/creators or is considered to be In Character Rumor.

    Black Gazza only works with a 5 digit ID for each prisoner. If the number allotment is full, if there are incoming prisoners, they are either rejected or someone must give up their number to allow the new person to enter. Prisoners undergo frequent re-evaluation as far as the productivity is concerned and the strain that they give on the resources of Duotarin. Numbers are assigned firmly sequentially, wrapping from 99999 to 00000, until a candidate for ejection is found. At that point, the candidate is either released, sent to another facility, or more likely, death stamped and executed. The new prisoner is then assigned the number that just became available.

    It takes about 2 standardized years to cycle through the numbers.

    Some inmates speculate that it is likely that tracking implants could be added when the heart crystal is installed during standard prisoner processing. Given the intensity of the prisoner processing and the extent of other resources used to keep prisoners controlled, some inmates think it likely that some covert precautions might be used as well as the overt devices like shock collars and heart crystals. The reasoning is simple, an escaped inmate would be easier to track down if they didn't know they were carrying a homing beacon, and wouldn't try to remove an implant they didn't know they had (or where it is). Whether these paranoid fears are justified or the product of the deliberately engineered sense of powerlessness and lack of control over their own bodies remains unproven. Other types of implants could be used, such as poison capsules or other suicide devices, but the rumors always seem to return to tracking implants. Possibly it is a standard procedure or performed only on high risk prisoners.