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Blade is one of the few dangerous criminals to be welcomed -albeit grudingly- in the CIS. Her acts of piracy and suspected ties to the Omari Cartel are temporarliy pardoned by her service in the Rshast Marine Corps and the Shyedarian Revolution. She is currently serving on the CIS Firestorm as a Rshast Marine Master Sergeant, and personal trainer to her Captain Tsoami. Although she serves in the Rshast Marine corps, Blade herself is Sidhe.

She is a celebrety among Cartel alligned pirates, and other malcontents for (among other things) her ability to move between criminal organizations, and places ruled by law and order with little more hassel than a standard security check.

The arrangement works because although she could easily sell out either side, she is agressively disinterested in doing so. She has refused CIS bounties on criminals she considers friends just as often as she has refused to abuse her standing with the CIS even for a tidy profit. While this has lead to some unpleasnast social juggling, both sides seem to understand that the answer is no.

This does not mean she is an entirely model citizen, wherever she is. In fact both the Omari Cartel and the CIS find her difficult to manage. Her unique mix of selfishness, violence, odd loyalties and twisted obligations make it hard for people to quite figure out what she's up to. The Rshast Marine Corps has taken disciplinary action against her many times, to the point where she has been removed from the standard duty rotation. She is only assigned to units by special request of the unit leader. There's even talk among CIS officials about wether her temporary pardon is actually worth it. The pardon remains partly because she has mostly behaved herself, and revoking the pardon may unduly provoke her.

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