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  • There are no code, building, or object quota limitations. However, we ask that people not to abuse this by excessive repetitive building (e.g. Having 300 bathrooms in a structure fully built and coded, or creating separate objects for evrey article of clothing the character owns).
  • Players are free to use the game building commands to create their own rooms as needed for roleplay. However, if you own a room that is linked to the game world (e.g., a personal apartment, ship quarters, etc.), you may build rooms only within reason off of that room (e.g., you can add a bathroom, bedroom, closet, etc., but you may not build a hotel, a starport, or anything of that nature).
  • You are encouraged to ask an admin to inspect your rooms once you are finished building them.
  • If an admin encounters player-built rooms they believe are excessive or unallowable, they may ask you to remove them, and then after an appropriate amount of time, they may remove them for you.

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