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(Note: This article is a guide for players who wish to have a Firestorm crew character. General information about the Firestorm can be found here.)


The CIS Firestorm is one of the premier ships in the CIS fleet, and as such it is subject to a high level of security. Although it is not considered a military ship, it does carry a large number of Marines and fighter pilots with their own support personnel, as well as its own internal security force. The ship also employs a large team of starship engineers who keep things running, and a large medical staff to look after the health of the crew. Then there is the command crew, who usually serve on the bridge and generally make the big decisions. Finally, the ship houses a somewhat more transient population of presonnel such as biologists, cartographers, astrophysicists, diplomats, linguists, and anyone else who may be able to contribute from time to time to the success of the Firestorm's missions.


The Firestorm is no longer a part of the CIS, Defanu Tsoami defecting and forming his own clan amoung the Rshast.


All characters can be assumed to have been subjected to the following tests before being assigned to the CIS Firestorm:

* They must present proof of CIS citizenship, subject to official verification.

  • They must undergo a background check covering their education history, past residencies, employment history, and criminal record (if any).
  • They must have demonstrated skills relevant to a working position on the CIS Firestorm, or they must be a direct relative of a member of the crew.

The above credentials are verified by the CIS central authority and are submitted along with their recommendation for appointment. Ultimately however, all hiring decisions are made by the ship's Captain, who can follow or ignore the CIS's recommendations at his discretion, and who can also recommend candidates of his own.

Note that you as a player do not have to submit all of the above information, but it is assumed that if your character is a crewmember on the ship, the above information was sought and verified. Therefore, if there is any information about your character that these verifications would turn up that would catch the Captain's notice (e.g., a criminal background, an absence of employment history, etc.) you should be sure to discuss it with the ship's Captain before you begin roleplaying that character.

How to join[edit]

To join the CIS Firestorm, you should talk in-game either to the game admins, or to the ship's Captain (currently Tsoami). You should give consideration to the above points before contacting them, to save time.

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