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The Seraph is the flagship of the CIS's Intersystem Police and Protection Force, and the most powerful ship currently in service for the CIS.

The Seraph was originally conceived by the Shyedarian Empire toward the end of the Revolution as a powerful mobile battle platform. Carrying a large complement of fighters, Marine dropships and invasion forces, orbit-to-surface weapons and anti-ship torpedoes, its design goal was to be able to conduct planetary seiges entirely on its own -- a true superweapon that would, hopefully, turn the tide of the war for the Empire. However, the war ended during the early stages of construction of the prototype, and the original version of the ship never saw service.

When the Shyedarian Empire officially joined the CIS as part of the Kydheril Accord, Shyedarian engineers decided to revive the Seraph Project to create a flagship for the newly-formed IPPF. They invited engineers from other systems to collaborate with them, resulting in a shift in the ship's design philosophy away from conducting offensive operations against planetary forces, and toward becoming a mobile fortress to act as the central command ship for a large, mobile defense fleet. As a result, the orbit-to-surface weapon systems were removed from the design, and replaced with living space and support facilities for IPPF administrative personnel. The ship's command and control facilities were also expanded, and the overall package was given stronger defensive systems, such as heavier armor, improved energy shielding, and almost twice as many point defense batteries.

Currently, the Seraph operates mainly around the core CIS systems. It achieved full operability toward the end of the most recent conflict with the Vraath, so it has yet to be used in a full military campaign. However, it does serve in its intended role as the central command ship and administrative headquarters of the IPPF.


The Seraph consists of two modules of roughly equal size: a command module, and an administrative module. Each module is nearly twice as large as a normal Shyedarian carrier, with most of the combat systems installed in the command module. Under normal operations, both modules are linked and travel together, but in threatening situations the administrative module can be separated, allowing it to move to safety under its own power while the command module engages in combat. In terms of firepower, the Seraph combines the anti-ship capabilities of a battleship and the fighter control capabilities of a carrier, much like what the original Shyedarian design called for. Its only lack is orbit-to-surface weaponry, which it was decided could serve no non-aggressive purpose.