CIS Star Ranger

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Farwalker class survery vessel. These ships are known for their durability and long service life. They are fast, agile, self supporting, moderately armed, and capable of interstellar travel. Her primary duties include exploration and survey. During times of war, she is used as a spy, intelligence gatherer, forward scout/lookout, and during fleet actions they are used for Electronic Counter Measures and Electronic Counter-Counter measures. (ECM/ECCM) duties. Farwalkers have been know to create electronic signatures large enough to emulate a Battle station in order to lure seeking weapons out of range of their target.

Farwalker class vessels do not use Matter/Antimatter drives, but rather Hydrogen based atomic compressor/reactors. These machines are very dense, very very simple to maintain and repair, and have the benefit of mass amounts of energy output with enough fuel. Farwalkers acquire their own fuel through a process known as 'skimming'. Almost all systems have a planet with some type of atmosphere that hydrogen can be skimmed from, processed within the scoop system, then stored or funneled into the drive system. The best source for this fuel is from Gas Giants, which require less work per unit of fuel gained. Most Farwalker scouts contain both a Piercing Hyperdrive and a Mirrax system. Since in either case, via the fuel system involved, the down side is that at most, the Farwalker can recharge her batteries from the return engine, the rest of the energy is lost. The difference between the systems is simply wether or not the Farwalker wishes to annouce its arrival at its new location or not.