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A helpful first question to ask yourself is, what do you want to accomplish with your character? This is a good place to start, because it gets to the heart of why you are joining the game in the first place. For example, your goal may be simply to participate and get to know people. Or maybe you want something more specific, like creating a character who will be popular, or one who will be powerful. Maybe you want to have a character who fights for justice, or one who fights for the highest bidder. The key is to find an idea that motivates you, the player. When you have a character you yourself are interested in playing, then you will feel more motivated to log in and participate, increasing both your enjoyment, and the enjoyment of others in the game as well.

At the same time, you need to take into consideration what opportunities the game offers. Some character concepts, while interesting, simply will not work, both due to the nature of MUSHes, and due to the particular circumstances on ShyeMUSH. An example of a poor concept is an extremely antisocial character: MUSHes are social environments by design, and you won't enjoy yourself much if your character isn't motivated to interact with others. An example of a poor concept specifically for ShyeMUSH would be a violent psychopath: again, the concept may be interesting, but a psychopathic character would be at odds with practically all of the game's normal population, and would ultimately need to be isolated from regular roleplay. Naturally, character concepts that are not in keeping with ShyeMUSH's spacefaring science fiction theme would also difficult to manage.

Something else to keep in mind about ShyeMUSH is that the in-game locations where characters usually meet tend to be static. Characters are usually residents of planets, starships or space stations, and there will usually only one to a few areas active in the game for an average stretch of time. So while there is nothing thematically problematic about, for example, a wandering vagabond, it would be difficult to believably play such a character considering he would be spending most of his time visiting the same few places. (Note there is an exception to this rule: you can always create and run your own starship, space station or colony. See the article on running your own in-game area.)

The best thing to do when preparing to create your character is to look in the Game Areas section of this wiki to see what areas are currently active, and what they each are like. Alternatively, you can log into the game using a guest account (connect to the game, and log in using the user name 'Trooper', password 'trooper'), and talk to some of the game staff.

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