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The previous section talked about only the most general aspects of character creation, and it was placed first because in the long run, it covers what is most important about a character: how you and others enjoy playing with it. However, some people may prefer to start with their character's traits, and fill in the rest later. Either way, you cannot create a character without deciding who and what they are.

The two most basic character traits to consider are race (i.e. species) and gender. All races in the game have male and female genders, although the cultural significance (if any) of being of a particular gender will vary. You should review the races described in the wiki, and decide on one that appeals to you. Keep in mind that the descriptions in the wiki are generally of the cultural norm for each race unless specified otherwise; because ShyeMUSH models a spacefaring society, there is a great deal of mixing between cultures, especially in areas with more transient populations such as space stations.

Once you have chosen a race and gender, you should also think about the other physical traits of your character. Will he be tall or short? Large or slender? Strong or spindly? Will she be old, young, or somewhere between? Beautiful or homely (at least by her own species' standards)? Also, some of the races make common use of cybernetic implants or even body-part replacements -- will your character have any? Other traits to think about are the less tangible ones. For example, there is no rule saying that a newly made character cannot be wealthy, or highly skilled, or well connected.

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