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  • Try to stick with your appoved character concept. Your character may gain advancement as part of its natural development in the game, but try to keep that advancement within reason (e.g., don't try to promote your character from a Private to a General in one month). Keep in mind that you can create more than one character for the game if you wish. If you have a new character concept you want to try, you should create a new character rather than trying to change a current character.
  • Character descriptions are considered public information, and may be used by the admins and/or game code to provide examples of your race's appearance to new players. Be sure to inform an admin if you do not wish for your character's description to be considered for this.
  • All characters must in some way tie into the main game story. You are not allowed to create a character who has no interaction with the established IC groups in the game. You do not necessarily have to be directly associated with them, but you cannot be isolated from them.
  • Guests are allowed on the playing grid as Out Of Character entities so they can discreetly observe on-going RP. They should not attempt to interfere in any way with the course of RP or the overall plot until they create a permanent character of their own. At no time should someone logged in as a Guest character attempt to disrupt roleplay.
  • Characters cannot be killed in roleplay without wizard approval. Wizards will judge character death based on the situation and logistics of the situation, and may also take into account future plans for the overall game plot. In addition, a character will not be killed without the player's consent.
  • If you wish to "retire" your character (i.e., remove them from the game world and stop playing them), please inform a staffer or admin first. It is possible that there will be plans for your character in the overall game plot, and if you wish to stop playing that character, it will have implications for the planning process.
  • Players may not include other people's characters, incluing non-player characters, in their character background without the consent of those characters' owners (either players or staffers/admins). E.g., you cannot claim to be the father, offspring, roommate, teacher, war buddy, etc. of an established player unless that player agrees beforehand.
  • The game admins may, at their discretion, deem a character concept unplayable, and require you to come up with a different concept. In general, however, any character concept that does not conflict with the admins' overall vision for the game will be allowed.
  • Players are allowed to have as many characters (a.k.a. alts) in the game as they want. However, a player cannot use one alt to give another of their alts any kind of advantage. For example, a player cannot create one alt who is a spy, and another who is a politician, and have the first alt feed the second one secret information about other politicians.
  • Player characters may not be created with a Legend rating above "Local" (i.e., they cannot be considered famous outside of their own immediate community) without the consent of the game admins. They also cannot be related to any Legendary character without the approval of either the character's player (if one exists) or the game admins (if no player exists).

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