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  • Players are free to create their own code within the rules of the game, but should show their code to a game admin for approval before it is used in roleplay. Code that a player creates for their own use, and not for use in roleplay, does not need to be approved, but it should demonstrate good coding practices.
  • If an admin sees code being used in roleplay that has not been approved, they may ask the player to disable the code until it has been inspected by a game admin. If the game admin feels the code is inappropriate, they may ask the player to remove the code from the game, and after an appropriate period of time, may remove the code themselves.
  • Players are encouraged (but not required) to report any bugs they discover in either the game's global code or in any approved code encountered in the game.
  • Code that runs ShyeMUSH on the soft-level is to be considered Open-Source unless otherwise noted.

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