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Due to the effects of special relativity, communication between star systems was once cumbersome and expensive. In order for a signal to be received across such a great distance, it requires a lot of power and extremely precise direction, and even then there is likely to be interference from other sources.

However, with the development of Vedihno's Theory of Hyperspace, a technique was found that allowed instant communication over vast distances with very low power requirements. Rather than transmitting E-M waves into space, a transmitter creates vibrations in the Vedihno Boundary. Since the Boundary is not part of normal space, it is not subject to special relativity, meaning that the signal can in theory be detected anywhere in the galaxy instantly. In practice however, fluctuations in the Vedihno Boundary can only be detected within a certain range, depending on the amplitude of the fluctuations. Thus a weak transmitter can perhaps only be detected from a few kilometers away, while a powerful transmitter might be detectable thousands of light years away.

One consequence of using the Vedihno Boundary for communication in this way is, the Vedihno Boundary is constantly alive with these signals. Normally this would make it extremely difficult for any communication to occur, because the signals would constnatly interfere with eachother. To counter this, most modern Vedihno communicators use a handshaking protocol to establish a link between transmitter and receiver, ensuring that the signals being processed are the correct ones, and allowing the filtering out of broadcast signals if desired.