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  • Any roleplay that occurs in an admin- or builder-owned room that is not plainly meant to be private is considered to be public roleplay, with no guarantees that it will not be observed by other players or admins. Other players are free to join public roleplay if they wish to. Although there are no official "roleplay ratings" in place, players are asked to keep public roleplay tasteful. Excessively violent or explicitly sexual roleplay should be conducted in a private room instead.
  • Roleplay occurring in a player-owned room is considered private roleplay. In private roleplay, the owner of the room is allowed to determine who may or may not participate, and may refuse permission to other players as they see fit. Other players should never attempt to intrude on private roleplay without the controlling player's consent. (Note that roleplay in private locations may be logged by the game's code, but normally this feature is turned off; it is only turned on when it is suspected that a player is breaking game rules. The game admins will not be held responsible for logs made by players for their own use.)
  • It is considered a breech of etiquette to enter another player's private room without their permission, whether roleplay is occurring there or not. The +where command and similar commands for locating other players are there to make it easier for players to find out where public roleplay is occurring, and not so people can spy on other players, or track them down when they want to be left alone. Player-owned rooms are usually clearly labelled, and exits leading to player-owned rooms will be reasonably obvious (e.g., "Sxinon's Apartment").
  • Players should refrain from in-character behavior that is detrimental to a fun roleplaying environment. Excessive melodrama, combativeness or verbal abuse should be avoided. This includes the excessive use of crude language.
  • Any player whose in-game conduct seems out-of-character for the game theme may be taken aside for a discussion with the admins on proper thematic behavior. In general, we will always try to coach players who are unfamiliar with our theme or with the conventions of roleplay, and may ask them to refrain from roleplay until they are comfortable with how we do things here.
  • Players will not introduce new races, technologies, civilizations, theories, or other such thematic elements into the game without the approval of a game admin. Some leeway will be given; e.g., players can claim to be from an obscure planetary colony that is not part of the game canon, as long as it is reasonable that the colony might exist. Any thematic elements added by a player which the admins object to may be retconned at the admins' discretion.
  • Characters that are IC may not use knowledge gained by a player OOC without the consent of all players who might be affected by that knowledge. This includes knowledge gained IC by one alt, but not passed to another alt. If OOC knowledge is used IC without permission, a retcon of the scene may be invoked by the admins.

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