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The following topics cover commands that are used to create things in MUSH. This includes rooms and objects, and also setting basic information about your character. More advanced topics can be found by typing "help topics". Note that with all of these commands, wherever <object> is listed as a parameter, you can use the word "me" to refer to your own character.

@create <name>
This is the basic command for creating a new object. The object will appear in your inventory. Note however that objects have no real function unless you set other attributes on them. For full information, type "help @create" within the game.
@dig <roomname>=<exit info>
This is the basic command used to create a new room in the game. It creates a new room, and -- if you own the room you are currently in -- creates exits leading to and/or from your current room to the new room. For complete information about this command, type "help @dig" within the game.
@name <object>=<new name>
This command lets you change the name of an object, room, or even your character. For full information, type "help @name" within the game.
&<attribute name> <object>=<text>
The above command lets you set arbitrarily-named attributes on your character, objects, rooms or exits. This is the first step toward creating your own code in the game. The <attribute name> can be basically anything, but should be something that somehow relates to the attribute's purpose. See "help arbitrary commands" within the game for an introduction to using attributes to create your own code.

Note that some attributes, such as DESCRIPTION and SEX, have own special commands, and are not set using the & command.

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