Crystalis Abriel

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Player Character
Character: Crystalis Abriel
Species Shyedarian/Shedarian Mix
Gender Male
Age 20
Home Planet Melatarin
Assignment Tactical Officer/Gunner
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Current status On Firestorm
Played By User:Crystalis

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Background Information[edit]

Crystalis Abriel is a twenty year old Shyedarian from the planet Melatarin. Through a stroke of luck as some people call it, he possesses few of the defects that haunt the Shyedarians of the planet; however, at the cost of loosing many of the benefits that the Shyedarians possess on the planet. His early years are haunted with the disappearance of his mother which drove him to seek the military for solace far earlier than the standard conscription age. After serving in the Cyber division of the military he was transfered to the special ops and trained in marksmanship, piloting, and other useful tasks before being deployed to interstellar starships of the CIS. He has taken on the role as a Tactical Officer on the CIS Firestorm per the request of CIS high command and is instructed to assist Defanu Tsoami in his mission.


Crystalis's conception was never really meant to happen to begin with, his creation and existence is all due to the greed and wishes of his father Markesish Ludishom who sought to create a heir with as many natural advantages as possible. Crstyalis's father was not short on credits or time when he sought out genetic engineers to combine his own DNA with that of a Shedarian. He hoped to create offspring which possessed the telepathic abilities of the Shedarians, as well as their ability to resist harsh conditions and radiation. However, he also wanted his son to possess all the abilities of the natural Shyedarian, including the aggressiveness, cunning, and ruthlessness that had escalated their race to the height of their power.

After conception Crystalis's mother was kept under close watch, and the entire clutch of eggs, 6 in total, were kept in constant supervision and monitoring. When each egg displayed any form of defect in development it was purged from the system. Crystalis's three brothers and two sisters never made it, each of them had some defect that was not to Markesish's liking. When Crystalis was finally laid, his Shedarian mother sheltered him possessively, utilizing her larger body and connection with the child as a means of keeping her in contact with her child. In truth, there was little success of combining Shyedarian and Shedarian DNA - and she had been opposed to it all along, only the threat of death kept her obedient. However with the birth of her child, things changed and she became attached to the egg.

The time the egg took to hatch was significantly longer than a usual Shyedarian or Shedarian clutch of eggs. The genetic engineers attributed it to the complexity of the gene structure that was formed during the conception stage. Upon hatching Markesish was extremely pleased, his son possessed beauty and features that could rival any Shyedarian on the planet, with large orblike amber eyes that seemed to glow and alight with different colors in the background. For his crystaline blue scales, Crystalis received his name, however at that time his full name was Crystalis Ludishom.

Early Years[edit]

Crystalis's development was extremely fast for his age, probably owing to all of the genetic mixing that was done with his DNA to achieve optimal results in his overall abilities. His father was particularly pleased with how aggressive and violent Crystalis was in dealing with his peers, several times blood had been drawn via Crystalis's teeth on his playmates, and substantial payments were made by his father to the parties involved. Credits were of little concern to Crystalis's father, he had formed lucrative arms dealing agreements with many of the noble houses of the Shyedarian Empire, allowing him most luxuries the common people could only dream of. What was a few credits in return for the development of a dangerous and aggressive son.

By the time Crystalis was one year old his crystaline blue scales had hardened into a beautiful full body coat with very fine scales, excellent for protection against the elements. He had learned to use his wings with the assistance of his mother who took care of him daily. His father cared little for Crystalis's development other than ensuring that he was ruthless and cunning to further the family business once he could no longer manage it. He considered the Shedarian's attachment to the young one like a free nanny with little repercussions.

At age two Crystalis started to change in a way which was completely unexpected, although he still retained much of his cunning, his aggressiveness took a nosedive. Crystalis's father was furious when his son refused to tear apart a small animal for sport, even if it were to build his abilities. After a while Crystalis's father determined that it must be because of the Shedarian, the Shedarian's passiveness was changing his son, making him weak and unable to fight in the tough market world. In many ways this wasn't true, though stubbornness tends to run in the family. She insisted that she stay with Crystalis to help in his development, he was showing progress in telepathic abilities, something which would prove very useful in the future if he could develop it properly. Crystalis's father consented, but only just barely, he was determined to destroy this Shedarian who corrupted his perfect son.

Forgotten Year[edit]

At around age 3 of Crystalis's development his father finally decided that the Shedarian was doing far more harm than good. His agents under the cover of night made their way into the servant's quarters where they located Crystalis's mother. At the time Crystalis had become very fond of her, and made it a habit of sleeping with her, curled up against her massive bulk at night even though he had much finer quarters reserved for him in the main house. This night wasn't particularly different as the two hired agents drugged his mother. Crystalis hearing the telepathic scream from his mother was instantly roused. Although at this age his telepathic abilities were only just beginning, he had already developed a deep connection with his mother, primarily because she was connected to him by blood, and by a teacher student relationship.

What information is available about the events after Crystalis awoke isn't clear, however there is quite a bit of speculation because the surviving agent of the incident could only babble something about glowing red eyes and a vicious tearing before collapsing from blood loss, only to die later on. Crystalis's father quietly covered up the incident and disposed of the evidence. There is little doubt in the involved parties that Crystalis did something terrible that night and killed two of his father's agents; however that has never been proven substantially because the injuries seemed far beyond what a normal three year old Shyedarian could inflict. Crystalis himself has little to say of the incident, his father subjected him to months of shock therapy in hopes of repressing the memories of his mother.

Crystalis's father was mostly successful in repressing the memories of Crystalis's biological Shedarian mother, but it came at a heavy cost, most of his Shedarian abilities that were trained were lost. Telepathy is a thing of the past, and his eyes rarely seem to have the same glow as when he was younger. Although Crystalis had forgotten his mother, the time that was lost wasn't explained. He always felt it was odd that his memories went from three years old to nearly four years old with a large jump in the middle.

In a final act to cover up the events, Crystalis's father married the sister of the head of the Abriel family. After years of very lucrative weapons deals and a great deal of favoritism in service he finally endeared himself enough to the Abriel's to merge the two families, at least in part. Initially it was hoped that Crystalis would someday join with the heiress of the Abriel family, however after the incident with the two agents, the chance of that happening dropped significantly.

Military Years[edit]

Military Status
Faction: CIS Armed Forces
Branch Shyedarian Navy
Years of Service 16 Years
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Serial Number 725401
Superior Officer Defanu Tsoami
Stationed Firestorm
Current Mission Assist Tsoami
Official Training Cyber-Defense

Sniper Marksmanship Melee

After a few months with his father, learning about the arms trade, all of the dirty business practices his father employed, he decided that this was not the profession he wanted to go into. He hated how dishonorable the dealings were and how little compassion was used when dealing with a business rival. At the age of four he petitioned to join the military, although recruitment had hardly begun for his age group. Crystalis's father was furious and demanded that Crystalis personally take a large credit based payoff to the military center to purchase his freedom from the military. Apparently his father's only intentions for Crystalis were to serve in the family business, any kind of military action would be an unnecessary risk with little gain financially.

Crystalis suprised his father by cleverly modifying the electronic credits to redirect the amount into his own personal account which his father had set up initially to teach his son financial responsibility. Then he went to his Uncle, Pheleen Abriel, and petitioned to join the military through him. The process was a long and complicated one, however after some convincing and the consent of his step-mother, his uncle consented and allowed Crystalis to join the Abriel Family's personal armed forces. An odd thing happened at this time when he was finally accepted, his step-mother who had usually been cold and uncaring toward his presence embraced him, and held him for a long time telling him to seek his own path away from his father. It was then that Crystalis understood that a marriage to his father was taking a terrible toll on his step-mother.

When Crystalis's father learned that his son had disobeyed his wishes and joined the military anyways, with the help of his uncle as well he was furious. Knowing there was little he could do to a lucrative business partner he directed most of his anger toward his new wife, and the later his son. He vowed to bring back Crystalis and force him into working the family business, even if it took brainwashing, Heart Crystals for anything else. His son was his, his property, and there was no way it would run off and lead a life of it's own. However, Crystalis was far from the home planet by now, having been shifted from the personal military of the Abriel family to the CIS military, he began his training.

Upon entering the military the senior officers were not sure what to do with the Abriel family sponsored applicant. He seemed to only be average in physical abilities. However they found that he had an uncanny ability to guess and determine the various security implementations of the Cyber-Defense team. Forgoing most of the physical training, Crystalis was directed to the Cyber-Defense team where he served as a Security officer for six years. During this time he involved himself in several military actions and even picked up some basic combat experience. During one particular excursion his squad mates found that his steady hands and uncanny ability to guess out the location of enemy combatants made him an excellent sniper. High command upon hearing this redirected Crystalis toward Sniper training, which took a year for Crystalis to completely master.

Upon exiting sniper training Crystalis focused on assist squads and assaults by playing support infantry, picking off enemy combatants from a stunning 2200 to 2300 meter range. Additional training was done in pistol combat, close quarters combat, melee, and finally upon Crystalis's insistence starship combat. Crystalis found the field of combating in space particularly suiting for him because of the lack of wind and atmosphere to throw off his shots he could easily aim and take down targets within a starship. His various sorties and missions across CIS space earned him a great deal of recognition. At one point he was offered a promotion to Captain, however he refused, stating that he wished to remain as a Lieutenant to support his fellow troops. High command decided to promote Crystalis to the position of Lieutenant Commander, just one step below a full fledged captain so that he could remain as support staff to the captain of any ship he was assigned to. Crystalis's unofficial reason for refusing the promotion involved his Father's constant attempts to track him down and bring him back to the Shyedarian homeworld. Crystalis has never really considered the promotion any different from his old rank of Lieutenant, so he continues to call himself Lieutenant Crystalis to this day.

About ten years into Crystalis's military service he was informed of his Step-Mother's passing. This bit of news came as a great shock to him as he had grown progressively close to his Step-Mother over the years. Utilizing the military system to send her mail and receive mail back in return. His step-mother died relatively young, or disappeared relatively young - leading Crystalis to suspect foul play involving his father. His step-mother's final act was to direct all of her funds into Crystalis's account, leaving him comfortably endowed with enough credits for the rest of his life. However Crystalis had little concern for financial wealth - the most important item that he received was a cloth crest his Step-Mother had sent him when he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant years back. Out of recognition of what the Abriel family had done for his life, Crystalis offically changed his family name to Abriel. The crest has gone with him to every single combat assignment, hanging in his quarters or near his quarters.

With the disappearance of Crystalis's step-mother his father's agents became more frequent and more dangerous. Some of them even sneaking into the military bases under various disguises and falsified reasons in hopes of reeling Crystalis in. At the age of twenty, Crystalis decided that he would need to launch a full investigation into the disappearance's of his step-mother and requested an extended leave from the CIS military to pursue his own personal goals.

CIS Firestorm Assignment[edit]

Crystalis offically left the military, however CIS high command actually had other thoughts in mind. Utilizing Crystalis's connection with the merchants of the Shyedarian homeworld, and his military connection they directed him toward locating the CIS Firestorm and retrieving the stolen ship from it's captain. Crystalis's offical orders were to "Bring back the Ship." However, unofficially Crystalis was deployed deep into Hierarchy space to assist with the CIS Firestorm's mission. Although Crystalis remained doubtful at the effectiveness of a single ship, he consented to high command and took a private transport vessel toward the Rshast homeworld to track down the CIS Firestorm, how a renegade ship. Upon arrival he made contact with the captain, informed him of his mission, both offically and unofficially and joined the crew as a Tactical Officer in charge of the ship's weapon systems.

Crystalis also retains the frequency of the highly secured channel for communication back to CIS headquarters. In addition to his personal support, his transport contained various packaged supplies and necessary armaments for the Firestorm, which was installed to the ship days after his arrival. At this point Crystalis is considered MIA by CIS high command, the nature of his mission completely obfuscated from the public until further notice. Crystalis spends his time on the Firestorm familiarizing himself with the ship's defenses, getting to know the crew, and training in battle simulations in the case the ship is ever assaulted.

Physical Description[edit]

Crystalis is a standard Shyedarian with some Shedarian attributes. Physically he looks like a Shyedarian, and possesses most of the qualities that would make him a full fledged Shyedarian. There are only a few discrepancies - mainly in his body size which seemed reject the DNA causing him to be slightly smaller than the average Shyedarian and roughly 25% smaller than the average Shedarian. Also as a result of the mixture of DNA, he's is a bit more intelligent than the average Shyedarian at the cost of being a little bit weaker than the average Shedarian.

Physical Body[edit]

Crystalis stands at 2.2 meters tall (7.2 feet), And is roughly 3 meters long from head to tailtip. His tail is slightly longer than average because of the mixing of DNA, though the affect is minimal. As a result, his tail curves up slightly more than the average Shyedarian. His entire body is covered with a layer of crystal blue scales, because there are several layers they are not nearly as transparent as one would expect of crystaline scales. However, his scales are relatively reflective, and in full light will shine very brightly, often to his disadvantage when stalking or hiding from an enemy.

Adorning the top of his head are a pair of horns that extend back about a 30cm. The structure of the horns are considerably denser made specifically for ramming and attacking. Crystalis keeps his horns sharpened to a tee in the case he ever has to use them; however the occasion has not presented itself yet. The horns are directly attached to his skull, which has the same dense, reinforced construction to assist in protecting the brain from repeated blows. It is debatable how effective scales and thick bone is when it comes to defense, it does provide a minor level of defense against most mass driver weapons.

Crystalis's eyes consist of a pair of pupil-less orbs in his eyes that are naturally shaded amber. Due to the genetic mixing done with his DNA, his eyes occasionally shift color, however only in the cases of extreme rage. He does not display the emotional colors of Shedarians; however his eyes will glow bright red to the extent his eyes appear to be on fire in the case that he is extremely aggravated. When Crystalis is aggravated to the point that his eyes glow red, his vision becomes filtered - everything will appear in a red lense, making it difficult to discern details other than potential targets to kill. In addition, his eyes remain amber during sleep and other unconscious activities, unlike Shedarians which loose the colors in their eyes during bouts of unconsciousness.

His muzzle hides rows of sharpened jaws mainly for tearing through meat and other food items. Strangely enough he possesses a grinding molars as well at the far back of his muzzle on occasion for grinding vegetables and grains. This is most likely due to genetic meddling, which has always left dentists baffled. At his own insistence the strange teeth have not be pulled, and remain with him to this day. His tongue consists a long forked tongue, that rests comfortably within his muzzle. It isn't as useful for pushing food around within a maw, but it has done suitably over the years.

Crystalis's possesses a standard pair of wings which are blue in color much like the rest of his body. They spread out to a rough wingspan of 12 feet. When folded up behind his back they extend out for about 1.5 feet thanks to multiple foldings across the wingspan. He does not possess a hook at the hinge of his wings - meaning his wings are primarily for flying and transportation and not combat. The membrane that stretches between the wings can almost be transparent. However it is thick enough to weather the considerable force placed upon them in the case of windy flights and breaking out of dives. The last aspect about his wings that is most interesting is they can survive in an atmosphere free environment. Thus his uniform forms an airtight seal around his body and the base of his wings in the case Crystalis ever needs to perform a spacewalk.

As to be expected his hands and feet both possess vicious ripping claws, however they have been trimmed down and sharpened to a more reasonable length because of his profession. Crystalis maintains that his claws are mostly for light ripping, he does not intend to skewer anyone with his claws. Likewise he does not overly train his body, resolving to focus on building an even amount of muscle mass across the body. Due to this his scales show few bulges at all, instead it is entirely sleek from head to tail, making him more aerodynamic if less bulky.


Crystalis is typically dressed in a scale-tight black uniform. The uniform has a darker blue section in the front with gray or red trimmings. The uniform actually serves several purposes. First off the uniform is dark in color to hide his crystaline blue scales which is too apparent in daylight. It makes hiding and sniping very difficult for him, regardless of how good his skills are. Since the uniform is dark in color special material is used to prevent overheating of the occupant within the uniform. Which can be particularly troublesome if one is laying out in the sun all day with their eye to a scope.

The second purpose the uniform serves is a space suit. Being in the Navy, Crystalis is easily exposed to situations where there is little or no atmosphere. The uniform stretches all the down, covering everything from his neck down to his ankles. His uniform melds tightly with the combat boots to provide a pressurized airtight seal all around his body. There are latches around the neck of his uniform for a helmet in the case he actually is exposed to an atmosphere-free environment he only needs to find a helmet with an air source. The only tricky element is his wings, however that is dealt with via physical training.




Combat Abilities[edit]

Non-Combat Abilities[edit]