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This is the current ongoing RP situations going on with Shye[edit]

Due to events beyond our control, we have several timeline events going on. We have found that it has been a bit painful to merge them and to get everyone together in one place; therefore, we are going to try to sustain and let people handpick where they want to go and participate in.

Please note that these are currently not concurrent! Please check with the approperate people before getting involved[edit]

Plot Who When Description How Easy Is It To Join This RP?
Unexpected Allies Tsoami, Vransa, Rocko 9 months in the past Rocko gets in trouble when engaging the Vraath in combat and in a classic Enemy Mine situation (but totally different), Rocko ends up under control of a Vraath named Vransa. She learns of the threat of the Hierarchy and wishes to know more in the classiest way possible for a Vraath. Somewhat difficult but not impossible. May require Vraath linkages.
The Spiders Red_Cyberdragon, Tsoami, Rocko, Sqrarr 5 months in the past Our adventurious heros, out for a quick ride out in the country on Stronum discover a cache that cracks into the past of a race if arachinids that hopped on for a ride away from a dying star in the middle of nullspace. This piece is somewhat exploratory but not as rocky as other exploration pieces being ruled. And all that most of the xenophobic spiders want is a place to live. Too bad a few rotten eggs have to ruin it. This plot was made and designed to be an educational view into how nullspace affects people and how the Rshast came to be. Easy Involvement
Black Gazza Tsoami, Ristin 1 month in the past Shye Exploration piece. Tsoami and Ristin discover how bad things can be on planet Arpaio but accidentally discovers more about his nature. Closed currently, exploration only.
Scoping the Territory Rae'Dana, Crystalis 1-2 Weeks in the past Rae and Crystalis are on an away mission on Jalmas to scope out the area around the Black Gazza in anticipation of a rescue and retrival. Restricted Involvement: Contact Players
Jail Break Tsoami, Rocko, Crystalis, Red_Cyberdragon, Ristin, Anyone Current Rocko and several Rasa members are trapped from a mission to rescue Kygrat from the bowels of Black Gazza. Kygrat, still under the influence of the Hierarchy, was arrested for some major infraction and was sent to the prison, albeit unstriped. This plot will involve Arena Combat and underhanded tactics as the Hierarchy Rshast and the Rasa fight for the life of Kygrat and for those who infiltrated the prison. Fully Open
Lonely Ambassador Sqrarr Current Shye Exploration piece. The Ambassador Sqrarr of the Kr'rawk got trapped after the CIS cut off support to Tsoami and the Firestorm. He's immensely helpful. He just wants to be friends. And he has stories to tell. Fully Open