Defanu Tanaka

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General Tanaka was one of the most renowned Rebel heroes of the Shyedarian Revolution, and one of the most famous Cibosan warriors in history. A normal Cibosan lifespan would not have allowed him to accomplish all that he did, but his frequent exposure to A'rthan technologies gave him unusual longevity.

The Shedarians in particular regard him as a hero, as he twice saved their race from near-certain extinction, first at the hands of the insectoid Reichians, and then from the Shyedarians. He became the master of an A'rthan ship(s) called the Belknap and the Fearless, and later stole the Shyedarians' prototype Irrishtal-class warship, the Risshtal, which became the flagship of the Rebel fleet during the Shyedarian Revolution. He was one of the Rebellion's best military leaders, respected even by the Shyedarians he fought against -- although many believed his successes were at least partially the result of luck rather than skill. Indeed, historical analysts consider Tanaka's ability to discover and use A'rthan technologies almost uncanny. Tanaka disappeared more than five years ago, and is now presumed dead.

Tanaka was allowed to have a large clan of children thanks to his legendary status. 300 children, including Defanu Tsoami were sired by Tanaka from a mixture of his mates including Resa and Mrrirri.

Tanaka was believed to have strong ties with the Omari Cartel, an alliance that secured the immediate downfall of the Shyedarian Rebellion. Tanaka was subjected to Omari Drugs that usually were given to him in the form of cigars, something that he has been known to chomp and enjoy while in command. A picture of Tanaka without one in a proud standing pose is almost unheard of. He also spent time with Omari implants installed in him, helped pave many planets, secured many business deals, and time in the rehabilitation theater.