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Physical Attributes

Average Height 1.25 m Average Weight 80 kg
Hair None Eyes Two, reptillian
Skin Leathery, usually in earthy colors (browns, greens, grays, blacks, reds, etc.)
Limbs Two arms; two legs; one muscular, balancing tail
Physical Strength 0 (Average) Physical Agility +++ (Exceptional)
Intelligence ++ (Considerably Above Average)
ESP/Psychic Abilities None biologically, technologically linked with each and every Dein within range.
Infant Child Adolescent Adult Aged
0-3 years 3-5 years 5-12 years 13-60 years 60-100 years
Personality Logical, Analytical, Methodical. Diligent.


Marriage Caste System, Pairing Made by Clan to Clan Negotiations
Reproduction 4-8 eggs per year
Family Clan Based Families

Social Structure

Outlook Elitist Caste System


Where Home, State, Business
Who Home education and basic state education for all. Advanced education for those who can afford it or who can gain sponsorship.
Main Goal Learn skills in order to gain work and make money.


Food Preferences Carnivore or Nutrient Ooze
Spices None. Prefer blood for flavoring.
Public Eateries None. Food happens where it happens.


Fabric None. Cybernetics or metal shells for practical usages.
Description Military or practical design philosophies.


Name Any, prefering to communicate with other Dein via eletronic link, vocally through Dein-language, but can speak most known languages.
Tone Mostly grunts, growls, snarls and other gutteral sounds.


Building Materials Steel, concrete, glass or transparent synthetics
Characteristic Features Practical design, efficiency stressed.


Entertainment Sports, Philosophy, Orgies


Tech level Interplanetary / Interstellar
Transport Wheels, flight, space, motor, matter transporter (imported technology), Dein Assimilator, Dein Advanced Probe.
Weapons Neoplast technology; Wide Area Stun Weapons; Bloozic Projectiles (for Encasement); Self-Destruct.
Communication Writing, electronic, Vedihno communicators, point-to-point internal communication with other Dein and Dein touched creatures


Resources (in order by relative value) Manpower, Think Tank, Construction.
Main Fuel Matter/antimatter
Exchange Information, Credit, coins
Economic Model Free market


Type Rigid Caste Polygarchy
Leader Chain-Of-Command
Taxes Flex-taxation, flat rate.
Military All Purpose Defense
Law Enforcement Low restrictions, all members.
Courts and Punishment No capital punishment. Rehabilitation and repurposing preferred.

Physical Description[edit]

The Dein are a reptillian race that was a member of the Heirarchy until Hy-Drox, a Hygapst leader of the Heirarchy, decided that they were unworthy of his direct trust. He attempted genocide of the Dein, but a few escaped to the Zulu Sector to form a new life and a new Nexus. They evenutally landed on a planet that was in the process of being paved by the Omari Cartel, but managed to pay off the planet and take ownership of it. They saved the planet except for one paved continent. The Dein named the new world Albegadeom and created a central city on a small island in a giant sea and burrowed the Nexus into the center of a confirmed extinct volcano.

The Dein are facilitive bipeds, they prefer walking on two legs but yet maintain the posture and design that they should be walking on four legs. The tail, long and elastic, helps them to steer when they run fast, it also helps them balance on two feet. Sharp teeth, keen eyesight, and large foot claws give them a combative advantage physically despite the short and small bodies that they have, usually 5 feet from snout to tail. They are similar to the Zraki, but are definately carnivores and have more of a hostility streak than their younger brothers. The Dein and Zraki consider themselves kin, and have a symbiotic relationship when they encounter each other: The Zraki are more than happy to fix the advanced cybernetics that a Dein body usually has, and the Dein are more than happy to protect the Zraki against predation.

The Dein can have hide that is spotted, striped, mottled, and multicolored in just about any color set.

Dein are also known to have a fairly high labido.


The Dein have a very strict caste system in the definition of it, but members of the Dein can and do change positions within the caste. The Dein are well defined in 5 categories. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omega.

Alphas are in charge of the clan. The word of an Alpha is usually law.

Betas make sure the orders of the Alpha are followed and passed down. They also are capable of evaluating a situation and giving prudent orders if an answer is needed right away. They are to intercept queries or questions and resolve them if the Alpha is away or the inquiry does not make the importance threshold to bother an Alpha.

Gammas figure out how to execute the orders of the Alphas and Betas. They command the grunts and are grunts themselves, and exist as a buffer between the upper branches of the Dein and the lower.

Deltas do most of the work and are usually foot soldiers or do meanial tasks.

Omegas are a low ranked, but respected branch of the Dein. If a Dein obtains this rank, they are either neutered or rendered female, and it is not uncommon for a biological incubator to be grown within the belly of the new Dein. The higher ranked Dein will lay eggs into the Omega Dein in order to keep the eggs warm while the higher ranked creature takes care of the future generation.

Dein names are anologous to numbers. These names can change. Most translators will translate them as numbers to, such as 4935, 9991, 0003, etc.

Dein with a lower number have a higher rank in the casting group. Namespace collisions do occur, but the Dein seem to work them out. The Dein report that while they retain a name for communicating with non-Dein, they have no trouble thanks to a unique ID that exists within the hardware they have.

Dein Starship Design[edit]

Dein-assimilator-2-1.jpg Dein-assimilator-2-2.jpg Dein-assimilator-2-3.jpg Dein-assimilator-2-4.jpg Dein-assimilator-2-5.jpg Dein-assimilator-2-6.jpg

Dein Sector[edit]


Art by Bronzewing, 2004