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Shye Related Mailing Lists[edit]

We try to keep people informed on what we are working on and what we are doing through the use of our mailing lists. It prevents us from playing telephone through people like Bob or Raphsalot and having information lost. One shouldn't be shy about using these mailing lists about finding out what's going on with the online games or with various aspects that we're building.

Rules of the mailing list:

1. No spamming. Ever. There is no excuse for this. No advertising anything on these mailing lists unless for some reason that you feel that the information is pertinent to the level of Shye development or interaction.

2. Please keep the topics of conversation pertinent to the subject of the mailing list. If something proves to be popular, we may branch it off into another mailing list.

3. Have fun. No angst.

Shye Related Mailing Lists[edit]

Shye Development Mailing List -- Mailing List Dedicated to creating, improving, and enhancing Shye elements ... from game play, game situations, software, programming, story line, settings, whatever is needed to keep things streamlined.