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Naming Note[edit]

The Shyedarians named this planet as Duotarin when they ran Black Gazza, however the original name is Arpaio.


 Moon 5-10     
  Distance from primary:       0.012   AU
  Mass:                        0.864   Earth masses
  Equatorial radius:           6415.3  km
  Density:                     4.320   grams/cc
  Eccentricity of orbit:       0.109
  Surface gravity:             0.85    Earth gees
  Surface pressure:            0.578   Earth atmospheres
  Surface temperature:         16.45   degrees Celcius
  Normal daytime temperature:  36.85   degrees Celcius
  Normal night temperature:    -8.66   degrees Celcius
  Maximum temperature:         62.76   degrees Celcius
  Minimum temperature:         -35.33  degrees Celcius
  Escape Velocity:             9.37    km/sec
  Molecular weight retained:   9.04 and above
  Surface acceleration:        559.93  cm/sec2
  Axial tilt:                  9       degrees
  Planetary albedo:            0.220
  Length of year:              32.95   days
  Length of day:               55.86   hours
  Boiling point of water:      85.5    degrees Celcius
  Hydrosphere percentage:      31.42
  Cloud cover percentage:      23.02
  Ice cover percentage:        1.61
  liquids at surface:
                               Ethanol      melts at -114  boils at 65
                               Mercury      melts at -39   boils at 332
                               Bromine      melts at -7    boils at 47
                               Water        melts at 0     boils at 86
  gasses in atmosphere:
                               Oxygen           46.2%  PP  266.7 mb
                               Nitrogen         53.4%  PP  308.5 mb
                               CarbonDioxide     0.2%  PP    0.9 mb
                               Ozone             0.2%  PP    1.0 mb




Blue - water, green = fertile plains, light tan = hilly,mountainous, plain tan = sand/desert, white = mountains exceeding atmosphere



New Rendering:


Places of Interest[edit]

Black Gazza -- Rshast High/Maximum Security Facility

Knanqh Arena -- Formerly Shyedarian, now Rshast gladiator arena.

Jalmas -- Capital City of Diotarin/Arpiao

Niwob -- City in the pass between Black Gazza and the rest of the world.

GM Notes[edit]

Arpaio Original Configuration -- I modified from the original data, I might change things a bit back ... this is the original information.