Empress Htomari

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Htomari was the Empress to Emperor Grehergher, who held power prior to Emperor Roughesh VI. Roughesh VI rose to his position by staging a coup, during which troops loyal to him stormed the Crag, seizing the entire Imperial family, including Grehergher, Htomari, and their children, Vrilnashter, Sufur and Morlhug. Grehergher was put to death, Htomari was exiled, and two of the children were processed into the Shyedarian Military after having their memories sealed (Morlhug was killed during the initial attack). Roughsesh VI underestimated Htomari's influence however, and while hiding on an inhospitable world, Cretzin, on the edge of the Al'sten Nebula, she gathered supporters and ignited the bloody Shyedarian Revolution. Although she died fairly early in the fighting, the movement she started continued, and was joined by countless worlds threatened with conquest at Roughesh's hand.