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  • In these rules, the terms "ShyeMUSH" and "ShyeMUSH service" will refer to both the game itself and to the game's websites, forums, etc.
  • ShyeMUSH will always be in Beta stage. The wizards make no promise on the level, advancement, or availability of certain technologies or make any promise when certain commands will become available.
  • Delibrate attempts to break, damage, or circumvent the game are strictly prohibited. (If you're that hard up for something to entertain yourself, go find someone's blog you disagree with and trash that isntead. Trust us, more people will take notice than they would if you trashed us.)
  • We reserve the right to deny anyone access to the game for any reason, including use of a site-lock if necessary.
  • Harassment of players, staff or admins on ShyeMUSH is strictly prohibited. Anyone who feels they are the victim of harassment should send a complaint, preferably backed up with text logs of the harassment, to the game admins (Raphsalot:, Bob:
  • Although backups are made, there is no guarantee on the security of anything produced and/or stored on ShyeMUSH. Be sure to keep your own backups of important information, descriptions, code, etc.
  • The ShyeMUSH admins do not sell or share any personal information about its players to any other entities unless required by law. However, that should not be taken as a guarantee of privacy. At any time, the ShyeMUSH admins reserve the right to examine any game logs or objects generated by any player, although this sort of action would generally only be undertaken in the course of investigating possible infractions of game rules (no, we aren't simply nosy).
  • In-game Staff may make judgements on rule infractions and deliver warnings, and may escalate issues to the game admins (a.k.a. wizards) at their discretion. Only admins may administer any of the more severe punishments allowed by the game. Players found guilty of a rule infraction will be granted a fair hearing by the admins and one (1) appeal at their request. An appeal consists of a second hearing presided over by an admin other than the one who issued the first decision. After that, the admins' decision is final.
  • Participating on ShyeMUSH is a privilege, not a right. The game admins reserve the right to amend these rules as they see fit, and are also permitted to create new rules, documented or otherwise, as needed to maintain the integrity of the game environment. However, we will always try to keep our rules fair, and will not single out players unless we feel they are causing some sort of harm to the game.
  • The ShyeMUSH service may not be used to plan or conduct illegal activities of any kind.
  • The ShyeMUSH service may not be used to promote discriminatory or hateful practices, attitudes or ideals.
  • Violations of these rules can result in disciplinary action, up to and including a verbal or written warning, suspension of a game character, removal/banning from the game, and a report sent to your ISP.
  • Bob will do laundry on every day ending with 'y'.
  • Have fun! The rules above may sound terribly dry and restrictive, but we are a really a fairly liberal-minded on-line game. Have questions? Ask the wizards or staff. We don't bite. (Much.)

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