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Glands located in the throats of Shyedarians produce a highly adhesive pale orange substance commonly known as "goup". Shyedarians can spray this substance from ducts in the backs of their mouths for a distance up to about 20 feet. Goup sticks tenaciously to anything it comes into contact with, and begins hardening immediately upon contact with air, becoming highly viscous by the time it reaches its target, and then hardening further into a nearly unbreakable shell within seconds. Originally this ability was used for immobilizing prey while hunting, but since then Shyedarians have learned to use it against adversaries in combat as well. Goup breaks down naturally after about 30 hours, or can be dissolved with alcohol.


Synthetic goup was developed by the CIS for use as a non-lethal crowd control and capture weapon. Such weapons are commonly known as goup guns, and they are standard issue for security personnel on Kydheril Station, as well as with other CIS police forces. The adhesive properties of synthetic goup are identical to natural goup, although synthetic goup is usually brightly colored for visibility, and can also be loaded with contact tranquilizers or other substances.