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Note to contributors: Please add items in reverse chronological order.

Current Chapter

  • The Srrrylat Hierarchy attempts to take over the CIS Firestorm through the use of Rshast agents equipped with mind-controlling Black Goo. They nearly succeed, but encounter stronger resistance than they anticipated. Before the seige can be fully concluded, Hy-Drox is ousted from power by Palzak, and the attack ends.
  • Hy-Drox, the new leader of Srrrylat Hierarchy, decides to purge the Dein, one of the Hierarchy's member races and the backbone of its security forces, in favor of a more easily controlled race. Many Dein are destroyed, but a small number manage to escape to Albegadeom, creating a colony there. Many independent systems and organizations, including the CIS, offers to help them build up their colony.
  • The Vraath make another attempt to push into CIS territory, and succeed in occupying Kydheril Station temporarily, but are eventually pushed back. Intelligence reports suggest the Vraath were themselves under attack from another source, and had tried to seize territory to gain a secure foothold to defend themselves, but these supposed attackers were never encountered.
  • The Zulu Sector experiences a period of relative prosperity and uneasy peace for roughly five years as the member systems of the CIS learn to work together.

Previous Chapters

  • The Shyedarian Revolution finally ends when the Shyedarian Empire and Rebellion are forced to join together to combat the invasion of the Vraath. The alliance is formalized by the Treaty of Kyuusei. After the crisis ends, the Kydheril Accord is enacted to give structure to the alliance and define the roles of its member systems.