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This is a work in progress. I took the Rshast template and I'm editing it out the Rshastness for Birdness.[edit]


Physical Attributes[edit]

Average Height 2-3 m Average Weight 100 kg
Hair None, colored feathers. Eyes Two, avian
Skin White or dark skin covered in a thick layer of feathers of varied plumage.
Limbs Two arms; two legs; tailfeathers and separate wings. 6 limbs total.
Physical Strength - (Somewhat Below Average) Physical Agility 0 (Average)
Intelligence ++ Above Average
ESP/Psychic Abilities None
Infant Child Adolescent Adult Aged
0-2 years 2-10 years 10-20 years 20-50 years 50-120 years
Personality Personable, alutrusic, group driven.


Marriage No special societal expectations in terms of pairing and mating practices. Everything is considered acceptable.
Reproduction Three or four eggs per year
Family Equal partnerships

Social Structure[edit]

Outlook Utilitarian

I got this far[edit]


Where Home, State, Business
Who Home education and basic state education for all. Advanced education for those who can afford it or who can gain sponsorship.
Main Goal Learn skills in order to gain work and make money.


Food Preferences Omnivorous
Spices Food sometimes spicy, usually using fairly common spices and seasonings
Public Eateries Salad is the most popular form of public food. Can include anything from simple dressings to vegetables to fruit to meat.


Fabric Plant fiber, traded hides, synthetics
Description Martial/military styles preferred


Name Rshast
Tone Mostly grunts, growls, snarls and other gutteral sounds.


Building Materials Steel, concrete, glass or transparent synthetics
Characteristic Features Large, Neo-Gothic, oblique angles, flying buttresses


Entertainment Team sports, dance, drugs (non-addictive)


Tech level Interplanetary
Transport Wheels, flight, space, motor, matter transporter (imported technology)
Weapons Neoplast technology; big guns; chainsaws; things that go "boom"
Communication Writing, electronic, Vedihno communicators


Resources (in order by relative value) Manpower, water, biomass, hydrogen
Main Fuel Matter/antimatter
Exchange Credit, coins
Economic Model Free market


Type Democratic republic
Leader Council
Taxes Low federal taxes, high clan taxes
Military Mainly private, volunteer Purpose Defense, suppression, profit (mercenaries)
Law Enforcement Low restrictions; private police, municipal judges
Courts and Punishment Federal and municipal; punishment spans from community service up to imprisonment (see Black Gazza). No capital punishment.


The sturdy rhinoceros like Rshast are in many ways the work horses of the Zulu sector. Whether trading goods, or fighting wars for the highest bidder you will find Rshast serving with strength, honor and professionalism. Thier space marines in particular are in high demand wherever muscle is needed and are considered one of the strongest fighting units in the entire sector. Although officially a neutral species, Rshast blood was spilled on both sides of the Shyedarian Revolution.


Planets under the control of the Rshast are:

Stronum -- Capital Planet of the Rshast

Duotarin -- Otherwise known as Arpaio, a desert world containing Black Gazza.


Rasa Rignorwry -- Clan started by Defanu Tsoami, means "Angry Warrior" in ancient Rshast.


Coming soon.

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