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Kydheril Station was originally founded several decades ago in a collaborative effort between the Sidhe and the Myxotar. Its primary uses were as a place of commerce and diplomacy, and as a home base for the Dynatic Mapping Corps. With the signing of the Kydheril Accord, it has also become the home base of the CIS.


The station is made up of five sections, stacked on top of each other.

  • The top section is the station command center, which controls all station operations such as traffic control, docking and loading, and station security. There is a publicly accessible observation dome on top of the command section, giving visitors a view directly to space.
  • The science section below the command section contains the station's science and engineering labs, as well as the station's medical facilities.
  • The habitation section contains apartments and dormitories for station staff, business owners and employees, and CIS and Dynatic officials. There are also some facilities for temporary visitors, ranging from simple dormitories to luxury suites, as well as a hotel section.
  • The commercial and political section is next, where the CIS and Dynatic offices are found, as well as the public shops and services for station visitors.
  • The lowest section contains the station's ship docking bays, external docking structures for larger starships, cargo bays and storage bays, and ship repair bays.

The five sections are connected by a central shaft with public lifts accessing the lower four sections and observation dome, and restricted-access lifts for the command section, as well as various secondary lifts between the commercial and political, habitation and science decks only.

Station defenses are controlled in the command center, and include powerful energy shielding, a Vedihno interdiction field, point-defense batteries over the entire structure of the station, missile and torpedo launchers, and a compliment of short-range interceptor ships. The station is also typically defended by a detachment of the IPPF assigned to patrol nearby.


Kydheril Station itself continues to be administered primarily by the Sidhe, with the Myxotar most often taking advisory roles or working in more technically challenging positions. The main station staff are responsible for station operations, security, traffic control and station defense. They also handle the administration of the station's commercial functions, assigning permits to operate in the commercial sector, ensuring fair trade and quality of services, etc.

The political area of the station operates as an independent entity, and is subject to its own laws. The CIS has its own security force for protecting its representatives, which operates alongside regular station security, but which holds no jurisdiction outside the CIS's allocated space.

Personnel and Residents[edit]

The following are the types of people typically encountered on the station:

  • Command Staff -- Station officials in charge of making everything on the station work. Most of the command staff are Sidhe or Myxotar, although there are also some Shedarians, and a few representatives of other CIS races.
  • Science Staff -- Scientists and engineers who do research, perform experiments, and design technological solutions for the station and the CIS on a permanent basis. There are representatives from most of the CIS species.
  • Medical Staff -- Everybody from the Head Physician to paramedics and medtechs. The medical staff are predominantly Shedarians.
  • Maintenance Staff -- The people who perform the pyhsical labor to keep the station running, including repair techs, computer experts, and even janitors. The station boasts a large colony of Zraki who perform most of the mechanical maintenance on the station, although they are not often seen by visitors except when they are working on something in a public location, as they live within the station superstructure, and use discreet access hatches all over the station to avoid encountering strangers.
  • Dynatic Staff -- Employees of Dynatic Mapping Corps. Everybody from high-ranking executives to the guys who work in the mail room.
  • CIS Staff -- Officials in the CIS administration. Many of the more high-ranked officials do not live on the station itself, but some do, along with most of the mid-level officials and administrative staff. Ambassadors from the various star systems and their attendants can also often be seen, especially when the Assembly is in session.
  • Dock Staff -- Staff members who work specifically in the ship docking bays and cargo bays on the station. Their job is making sure ships docked on the station are looked after and maintained regularly, as well as making sure cargo is handled properly as it is transferred from ships to storage and back.
  • Merchants -- Business owners who have decided to base themselves on Kydheril Station, or who operate franchises there. Some businesses are there specifically to cater to station personnel, while others are oriented more toward visitors.
  • Employees -- The people who work for the merchants in various capacities.
  • Transients -- There are always people who stay on the station as temporary residents. Many are consultants, contractors and temps hired on by the station, CIS or businesses to fill non-permanent roles. There are also traders who are given temporary permits to seek business and opportunities on the station. Also, some people simply visit the station to shop, make use of the station's services, and generally enjoy themselves. And then there are always less savory types -- thieves, vagrants, pickpockets, hackers and the like.