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ShyeMUSH does not log all activity that takes place in the game except when there is suspicion that a player is attempting to break one of the game's rules. If this should happen, no notice will be given to the players. However, the ShyeMUSH admins will only use those portions of logged activity that are necessary to provide evidence of wrongdoings to the proper authorities.

Logs made using the game's +logbot feature are immediately published on the game's website, and are available for viewing by everybody. Therefore, you should only invoke a +logbot if you believe that the RP that is to come will be of general interest to people. Logs created using +logbot are considered property of the game, so if you wish to make logs for your own private use, you must use your own methods. The game admins reserve the right to remove any log they deem inappropriate. Users also have the ability to remove their own logs themselves using the +logbot code. See '+help logbot' for more information. If a player requests that their RP not be included in a +logbot log, their desires should be respected.

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