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ShyeWiki Main Index of Topics


Timeline Overall timeline of events
Kydheril Accord Article which created the CIS
Shyedarian Revolution Conflict which englufed the Zulu Sector for 50 years
Stellar Catastrophe Triggering event that made the Shyedarians what they are today
Treaty of Kyuusei Article which ended the Shyedarian Revolution


History Events which have occurred in the game
Theme Information about ShyeMUSH's theme


The Annulus The Galaxy where most of this stuff happens in
A'rthan Shipyard Site of a large concentration of A'rthan artifact ships
Al'sten Nebula Region near Shyedarian space, dangerous to navigation
Albegadeom Colony established by the Dein
Black Gazza Infamous Incorporated Prison on Arpaio and run by the Rshast.
Cretzin Desolate world in the Al'sten nebula, headquarters of the Shyedarian Revolution
Duotarin Rshast Desert Planet, Contains Black Gazza.
Dysonsphere Vastly powerful A'rthan artifact
Kyuusei Cibosan Homeworld
Kydheril Station Home of the CIS, center of commerce and politics
Melatarin Shyedarian Homeworld
New Shedar Shedarian refuge within the Dysonsphere
Shedar IV Shedarian Homeworld
Sporoot Myxtoar Homeworld
Stronum Rshast Homeworld


Unilang Common language of the people of the Zulu Sector otherwise known as Rshast.
Wormholes Spatial anomalies connecting distant sites


Commonwealth of Independent Systems Unified organization formed by the Kydheril Accord
CIS Assembly Legislative body of the CIS
Dynatic Mapping Corps Influential news organization
Shifters Shadow group seeking to obtain the power of the A'rthans
Srrrylat Hierarchy Large, advanced society adjacent to the Zulu Sector



Crystalis Abriel Tactical Officer/Gunner on the CIS Firestorm
Defanu Tanaka Kitsune war hero, military leader of the Shyedarian Revolution
Defanu Tsoami Captain of the CIS Firestorm
Emperor Roughesh VI Current Shyedarian Emperor
Sxinon Shedarian representative to the CIS, famous starship engineer
Tsurugi Mura Fighter pilot on the CIS Firestorm
Vrilnashter Commander of the IPPF, Shyedarian Prince


Palzak Current leader of the Hierarchy


Emperor Grehergher Former Shyedarian emperor, assassinated by Roughesh VI
Empress Htomari Former Shyedarian empress, founder of the Shyedarian Revolution
Emperor Roughesh I First Shyedarian Emperor
Mirrax Shedarian starship engineer who developed current hyperspace drive theories
Sol Karichee Haspur, vanquisher of the Planetsmasher, hero to Shedarians, etc.
Oasis O.A.S.I.S. - Online Artificially Sentient Information System, A unique autonomous artificial lifeform with no history of it's past.


Blade Rogue agent employed by the CIS



Akyrians Snake-like, muscular humanoids with tufted ears.
Cibosans Short, mammalian humanoids of varying sorts.
HKorjorans Large reptiloids with an ancient relationship with A'rthan technologies.
Humans Humans who have migrated to the Zulu sector and surrounding areas.
Myxotar Sentient fungus living in symbiosis with a host from another race.
Pteron Reptillian bird-beings.
Rasafac Slender, feline-like humanoids.
Shedarians Large, telepathic draconoids; strictly non-aggressive.
Shyedarians Large, ambitious draconoids; former world-conquerers.
Sidhe Human sub-race that evolved in isolation from other humans.


Cratif Macropod-like humanoids, former rebels.
Dein Former members, broke off in The Culling in 896 Rshast PlanetFall.
Hygapst Large, dinosaur-like humanoids, rulers of the Hierarchy.
Kr'rawk Heavy avian-like bipeds.
Zraki Tiny dinosaur-like bipeds, mechanical savants.


A'rthans Prehistoric space-faring race. Whereabouts currently unknown.
Centrani Insectoid hive-beings. Avid traders.
Kr'rawk Avian, strong, hoof-toe bipedal intelligent creatures, high sense of honor and skeptical. Generally friendly.
Ordani Enigmatic interdimensional beings.
Rshast Heavy, dinosaur-like humanoids. Fiercely independent.
Solkarni Large, four-limbed reptiloids.
Tarl Light, four-limbed reptiloids. Scavengers of technology.
Vesrothskel Sentient plant-beings.
Vraath Reptillian bird-beings. Telepathic, with highly alien thought patterns.
Khanrii Pangolin-like rock eating beings, specializing in metal production.
Dein Cybernetic Raptors who migrated away from the Hierarchy and into their own domain, founding a new planet called Albegadeom.


Zulu Sector Region where the ShyeMUSH story takes place


Ships Of The Shye Universe By Class Visual Guide to the Ships in the Shye Universe
CIS Firestorm Advanced CIS exploration and diplomatic ship
CIS Seraph Flagship of the IPPF
CIS Star Ranger Older CIS exploration and Survey vessel
Fearless A'rthan artifact ship captained by Defanu Tanaka
SRV Risshtal Flagship of the Shyedarian Revolution; retired, now a war museum on Kyuusei


Clog Legs Shyedarian prisoner control device
Communication How people in the ShyeMUSH universe communicate over distance
Cybernetics Scientific field of merging biological and mechanical forms
Datapads Personal storage and communication devices
Energy Shielding Defensive technology for starships
Heart Crystals Shyedarian prisoner/soldier control device
Holograms Three-dimensional light projection technology
Hyperspace Drives Technology for moving starships faster than the speed of light
Hyperspace Gates Another technology for moving starships faster than the speed of light
Matter/Antimatter Reactors Power system used most often on starships
Nanobots Microscopic robots used in medicine, manufacturing and other applications
Powered Armor Combat technology
Prisoner Number Conditioning A mental conditioning and control method in development, intended for use on criminals and prisoners. Currently in testing.
Spiders Spiders aka spider-huggers or huggers. New non-lethal prisoner control devices. Currently in testing.
Starships Vehicles designed to operate in space
Translators Technology for translating audible languages
Transporters Technology for transferring matter from place to place
Vehicles Vehicles designed for land, sea or air operation
Weapons General offensive technology
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