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Welcome to the home of Shyepedia, home of the Science Fiction world of Shye -- a framework of a Science Fiction realm for Roleplay and Exploration

Shyepedia The universe is a very BIG place. Very big! But this is at least a place to start. We have put everything that we have made here ... it is not complete and is a growing living list as we go through and make things. Dive in, or, if it looks too scary, perhaps going through interactions and letting our knowledgeable players and staff members help you would be better ...
Media, Art, And Stories This area is still a fledgling area, but any creative efforts that we can get our hands onto will be put here, or at least, referenced here. There's an introduction story here at the very least with helpful hyperlinks!
Game Address: 1701 OR 7777, Web Telnet Portal:

With our super high-tech technology of the internets, we bring to you a wonderful enriching virtual environment of no less than 80 by 24 characters of mind-blowing text Roleplay available to you through a telnet portal near you. For you advanced users our address is 1701. If you have absolutely no idea what this is, just click through the link and we'll attempt to confuse you more. We have a list of Current Events that you may or may not be interested in.
Mailing Lists Join our interactive mailing lists. See what we're up to, dive into the brains of some of the smart people that make Shye possible, from the artists to the writers, and maybe, just maybe, Raphsalot will join in. We like braaaains. Yes, join us. Tasty brains!
Wiki Guidelines
Yes, we are looking for a few good persons to play this online and help us make this a wonderful place to be! Join us!

We love for anyone to come into the game and join and add to the experience that we have. Our stuff will be under a public open license. However, we would respectfully ask for anyone who wishes to add to our collective to please read these before contributing to ShyeWiki and the universe as a whole.
Development Mailing Lists Like our regular mailing lists, but more ... meta! This is where we talk about the game of the game and where we want to steer things. It's a sounding board of perhaps some of the dumbest ideas to hit the airwaves and the chance to shoot them down. But occasionally, a bright shiny gem could decend from this and make something truly wonderful and special.
Task List Here is all the things that we might be or should be working on for Shye. We could really use help. And more than just the "Professional" kind!
Contributors All the people who have stood up and helped us make this the Universe that it is! There's a lot of you out there.
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