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Oasis is an artificial being constructed by an unknown person or party. Humanoid in shape, parts of his design seem common enough such as his frame and much of the overtly mechanical aspects when compared to conventional designs used by the Saursee and Represants, while at the same time there are many less then conventional and even some radically unknown and advanced components laced through his systems such as advanced tactile and wireless interface communications, sensors, a unique nanotech-based self-repair system and a bevy of other components and camouflaged features of which even he isn't sure of.

His designers motives are not exactly clear by an analysis of his design, especially his "brain". His code, what little can be decrypted, is at the very least arcane and esoteric, no where near the standard code used by normal AI's or personality transfers. The computational and data storage density is extreme, far exceeding even larger computer network embedded AI's. His firewalls are extremely powerful and other protective systems have made it impossible to actually scan his memories lest they be completely lost.

His dermal sheath is comprised of a pliable but resilient layer of woven Carbon-nanotubes over a frame, acting much like human skin but much tougher. The circuitry within the tubes acts as a sensor dampener making it nearly impossible to get a detailed reading on his systems. His exterior physical "details" are vague, human like but very simplified and smoothed like polished gunmetal. Holo-emitters embedded into his dermal sheath are able to project detailed "Skins" over his form, if he so wishes, apparently to allow him to emulate whomever he interacts with, giving him a form that others can relate to. He has no "default" skin so he only uses the emitters in situations which warrant it.

Oasis was discovered floating in space and upon being rebooted only knows his name, primary functions, and basic knowledge at best. He has no idea what his personal past is, who built him, or why. He does, however, learn quickly due to the heavy amount of computational power and his highly advanced self-upgrading analytical routines.