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General Palzak is presently the leader of the Heirarchy. Formally the supreme Commander of the Dead Zone, Palzak was assigned the task of keeping the CIS in check. Anxious of the CIS' recent relations of the Dein (a recently seperated group from the Heirarchy), Hy-Drox (former ruler of the Heirarchy) gave the General the mission of ascertaining the CIS' intentions and intefering with the negotiations as much as possible.

As Hy-Drox's commands became less and less rational, Palzak, realizing the situation the Empire would be in if this madman was allowed to continue - and seeing a chance to further his own greater glory - had Hy-Drox captured. Making use of special technology reprogrammed his mind to that of a simple Hierarchy grunt - enlisting him in the Imperial Army for life.

Palzak now focuses his energy on maintaining the stability of the Hierarchy, doing everything he can to keep the CIS from becomming viable threat to Hierarchy superiority.