Powered Armor

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Long ago, military organizations learned that when they invested time and funds to train a soldier, it was in their best interest for that soldier to survive when exposed to actual combat. Thus, soldiers were usually equipped with body armor to help protect them from blows and incoming fire. However, the history of war has always been a history of escalation, and when one side would develop armor, the other side would develop weapons that could pierce that armor, prompting the development of stronger armor, leading to more powerful weapons to pierce that armor, and so on. The result was a steady increase in the amount of armor worn by heavy combat soldiers, and in the size of the weapons they carried. Eventually, armor designs became so big and heavy that it became difficult for the soldier in the armor to move and function. At the same time, the heavy weapons designed to penetrate armor became too bulky to be easily wielded in combat. Thus came the invention of powered armor.


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