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Another aspect of roleplaying that is normally adhered to on a MUSH is the concept of "In-Character Actions lead to In-Character Consequences" (abbreviated as "ICA=ICC"). What this means is that if your character does something, then other players may react to that action without explicit consent. For example, if a character walks up to someone armed with a gun and insults their mother, they are implicitly consenting to the consequences of that action -- most likely, to be shot at. In roleplay, it is important to take a moment and think about what you are planning on having your character do, and decide whether you believe the action may have consequences you don't want. If you're concerned that what you're planning to do will have very negative consequences, it's a good idea to page the involved players and ask if it's alright for you to do what you were planning. At the same time, it is expected that players will have their characters react in reasonable ways to what happens to them. It would not be considered acceptable, for instance, for a character to react to a cheerful greeting by attempting to savagely beat the greeter. In these kinds of cases, the conventional rules of consent apply.

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