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One of the common mistakes beginners to roleplaying make is to only describe what their character says. If you watch people talking, they are almost never standing still: they move their hands, heads and eyes, and they change their expression and their posture. Sometimes, they'll do something else while they're talking, or they'll react to something outside the conversation. Including these kinds of details can really help players become immersed in the scene, which in turn tends to lead to more vivid roleplaying.

As an example, compare these two poses, which might be included in an average conversation scene:

> Sxinon says, "I do not want any, thank you. I'm full."

> Sxinon lifts his hand in a stopping gesture, closing his eyes and shaking his head. "I do not want any, thank you. I'm full." He punctuates the statement with a raucous belch, bringing his fist to his mouth and mumbling a quiet apology.

As you can see, the exact same thing is said in both cases. In the second example, however, the pose gives a much clearer picture of what is happening in the scene.

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