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If you are interested in running your own in-game area, there are several things you should keep in mind:

  • You must have permission from the game admins. To gain permission, talk to the admins in-game and tell them what you have in mind. If you have shown that you are a dependable and responsible player, that is usually all it takes.
  • You must have a concept that allows new players to participate. What this means is, players are generally not allowed to create an in-game area for themselves and their friends, and then not allow others to join as well, as this goes against the spirit of the game. While it is reasonable to deny new players by saying that the area is at its maximum plausible population (e.g., a small starship may only have room for a few crewmembers), you must observe the spirit of this rule.
  • Your area concept must fit within the theme of the game. The game's theme is future tech science fiction; a medieval survivalist colony, while plausible in this setting, does not really fit. This ties in with the next point.
  • Your area must be accessible to players who do not belong to it. What this means is, you cannot create a thematically allowable area, and then isolate it from the rest of the game. For example, if you create a space station, it must be possible for players operating starships to come and visit. Conversely, if you create a starship, it must spend at least some of its time visiting the space stations and planets operated by others.
  • If you create an in-game area, you are responsible for keeping it active. This is one of the most important points in this list. If you are going to request permission for an in-game area, it must be at least in part because you want to help encourage player activity on ShyeMUSH. This entails logging in on a regular basis, and helping the players who join your area find roleplay, whether it is entirely within your area, or while visiting other areas.

    For example, say that you ask to run your own starship, and are given permission. Then, two other players create characters to join your ship's crew. As that in-game area's creator, you are responsible for making sure the ship gets around, that it undertakes missions or hardships, that it has contact with others in the game, etc. so that the players who have joined you have regular roleplay opportunities. Exactly how your area is administered is up to you, but as much as possible you should avoid letting it stagnate.

There are basically three types of in-game areas that players can run: starships, space stations, and colonies. The best thing to do is decide how many other players you think you can handle in terms of your administrative skills, and what kind of action you are interested in: remember, you are the one who has to provide them with an environment that encourages roleplay. Note that having players recruited to join your area is not a prerequisite to being approved to create an area.

  • Starships can move around the sector, so it is possible for your crew to visit a wide variety of locations, both pre-established by other players and invented by you as a temporary setting for RP. Starships can have crews as small as three or four, and up to thousands, giving you a good level of control over the number of players you will want to recruit.
  • Space stations are static locations, but can receive a wide variety of visitors, both in the form of NPCs you create for the sake of RP, and other players dropping by for a visit. Space stations tend to have more personnel than starships.
  • Colonies are again static locations, but because they are so large, it is possible to have a wide variety of character types living in them. Whereas most people on a starship or a space station will have jobs pertaining to the operation of those environments, a colony can have anyone, from political leaders and captains of industry to lowly merchants and criminals.

Of course, if you have an idea for a unique in-game area not covered by these three categories, you can always talk to the game admins about it, and see if there is a way it can fit in the ShyeMUSH universe.

Once permission is granted to create an in-game area, you should spend a little time talking with the game admins about ShyeMUSH's building standards. They may be willing to help you out somewhat, but do not expect the admins to do all the work of building and describing your in-game area for you.

Note that you do not necessarily have to be game staff to run your own in-game area. Chances are, if you have the qualifications to run your own in-game area, you also have the qualifications to be game staff, but it is not considered a requirement. If you are interested in a game staff position, mention it to the game admins, and they will discuss it with you.

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