Shyedarian Revolution

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The Shyedarian Revolution is a conflict that engulfed the entire G1 region of the Zulu Sector. It began roughly 60 years ago, when Emperor Roughesh VI staged the coup d'etat that brought him into power. He had Emperor Grehergher assassinated, believing that with his death, the Great Houses would fall into line with him. However, he underestimated the influence of the deposed Empress Htomari, who fled to Cretzin after the coup, creating a headquarters for herself there. Htomari was able to convince nearly a quarter of the Great Houses to side with her, and together they formed the Shyedarian Rebellion, for the purpose of retaking the Crag.

Roughesh VI espoused a fiercely expansionist agenda, and what forces he did not use to contain the Rebellion were used to resume the conquest of the rest of the G3 region, putting renewed pressure on the free races living outside the Empire. Because Grehergher was far more moderate in his views about Empire expansion, prefering to explore new worlds and develop worlds already within Imperial borders rather than conquering neighbors, the free races offered their support to Htomari. Where the Rebellion before had been effectively contained by the Emperor, the combined forces of the Rebellion and the free races proved to be nearly their equal, and the entire G3 region became engulfed in the conflict.

In spite of some key incidents during the conflict, such as the theft of the SRV Risshtal by Defanu Tanaka, for the most part the Shyedarian Empire proved too strong, and the Rebellion gradually lost ground, and was forced to seek new allies, such as the HKorjorans, to avoid being overrun. However, neither side predicted the sudden appearance of the Vraath six years ago. The Vraath had been watching the conflict, and finally decided that both sides had weakened eachother enough that the Vraath could conquer them. Indeed, the Vraathi forces were more powerful than either the Imperial or the Rebellion forces were, but unexpectedly, a group of Shyedarian Great Houses, led by Vrilnashter, withdrew their ships from the conflict and threatened to break away from the Empire, leaving it easy prey for the Vraath, if the Emperor did not cease hostilities against the Rebellion, and unite with them to face the Vraath. Thus the Treaty of Kyuusei was created and signed, ending the Shyedarian Revolution at last.