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Spiders / Spider-Huggers / Huggers

Known development history These devices are very new, so new they do not yet have an 'official' name. They are currently being tested on a limited number of 'high interest' prisoners in Black Gazza being used as test subjects by the researchers there.

In response to the wide array of harmful and lethal control devices used in Black Gazza prison, an eccentric researcher stationed there has developed an equally eccentric solution.

To avoid using potentially lethal heart crystals, or using shock collars whse electrical discharges might damage implants and equipment, or using drug injector implants whose payload might effect the test subject's metabolism (and alter his test data) the doctor invented 'the spiders'.

Device description and operation These insidious devices are small simple robots, with a small head/body and four segmented metal legs. Hence the name. Each is equipped with a small surgical laser. They are always deployed in pairs which share limited communication. The robots are designed to follow a very simple program. When placed upon a target they use their limited internal power supply to seek out the scrotum, cut it open with their laser, enter and latch onto a testicle. Once attached they connect to the target's nerves and use bio-electric energy to power themselves.

The true purpose of the devices is actually to mimic what a prisoner once did to the developed, which was to kick him in the crotch during an escape attempt. This is a highly effective method of subduing a male target without causing permanent damage. Attached spiders can squeeze their victim's testicle, in response to commands from a remote control. These have intensity settings from one to ten and a button labeled 'crush'.

The settings one through ten indicate a degree of pressure exerted on the testicle, and a corresponding pain threshold. As any male would know, this is distinctly non-linear and even the lowest setting causes an inordinate amount of pain when applied to these delicate organs.

The crush command does just that, crushing the organs to pulp. This serves as a highly effective deterrent for a male subject.

Speculation and Conjecture There are conflicting reports regarding the effects of the 'crush' command ranging from a neatly neutered inmate up to heavily branded and mentally reconditioned prisoners. Possibly the severity of this final punishment is in response to the offense committed.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that variant configuration of these robots are possibly used to inject chemicals directly into the testicle or possibly alter the organ in limited ways. If true, it remains unclear if these variants are early prototypes or more advanced models.

It is highly likely that these devices have some manner of tamper proofing. These un-named devices are still undergoing testing and therefore it is also highly likely that there could be design flaws and defects, unexpected dangers, lack of safeguards, programming conflicts and so forth.