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The Hierarchy is a government that spans nearly 100,000 cubic light years in the Foxtrot Sector and Foxtrot(prime) sector. The Hierarchy encompasses a number of races, most notibly the Hygapst, Zraki, Falbarq, Grultl, Saalvar, and K'hirasx.

The Dein used to be a member of the Heirarchy. The Kr'rawk are considering leaving the Heirarchy as well.

Physical Definitions[edit]

The Hierarchy encompasses a large amount of actual space, mostly made of Foxtrot Prime, Foxtrot, Echo, Echo Prime, as well as Delta and subsections of connected sectors of space, as defined by the Dyantic. Passage through this space by mere individuals is tolerated but usually a toll is exacted on said transport, the cost depending on the amount of cargo and the distance that one carries. The rates are called, by those that travel through The Annulus frequently, "average".

The Hierarchy has a rich background and includes the merging of many cultures into a single entity. The Hierarchy appears to have started with the Hygapst and grew, by necessity, to the collection of races that it has today.

The Hierarchy came into existence when threatened by something called the Eetchi, a creature that hunted and fed upon sentient beings as it travelled around The Annulus. The Hygapst were threatened by these creatures sometimes around 1,000 years ago and resolution (in the Hierarchy's favor) occured relatively recently. The addition of the Dein, one of the last allies the Hierarchy obtained, appeared to create the last piece needed to defeat these creatures. Talking about the Eetchi is a mostly forbidden subject within the Hierarchy and any conversation talking about the defeat of these creatures is usually placed into a "for now" category.

Most scholars have noted that the Hierarchy has entered into a state of anomie and has been since the end of the Eetchi Conflict, indeed, having no direct reason to stay banded together since the threat appears to have ended. It appears that several leaders have attempted to try to drive cause and threats to bear, including that of Hydrox, a Hygapst who has been considered insane. He has set up much posturing to the CIS and the Rshast, considering the Rshast worthy of being woven into the Hierarchy fold (whether they want it or not). He was also paranoid of the Dein and considered them a threat and never really were folded into the Hierarchy well enough to be a part of the future.

Attempted Eratication of the Dein[edit]

Hydrox, approximately 3 years ago (fix this to standard time and date when we have it standardized), ordered an attack by the new K'hirasx, to eradicate and eliminate the Dein threat by taking control of the homeworld by force, taking over the Nexus, and issuing to all Dein a Centralized Destruct Command which would ultimately eliminate all Dein. A patrolling Beta discovered this plot and while unable to eliminate the takeover of the homeworld and stopping the signal from going out, he did damage the transmitter such that it did not have the power of reaching Dein on the outer fringes of the Hierarchy and beyond. A few ships in range but recieving the Beta's warning, had Alphas that were able to contain and fix the glitch on the fly as they escaped (A lot of Alphas found that the information that Beta gave to be unfortunately flawed or impossible, and sadly suffered from the ultimate conclusion). The Dein fixed this software oversight in the firmware, immediately withdrawing from the Hierarchy, and headed to CIS space. They negotiated with several goverments for the procurement of the second-hand, damaged, but desireable Albegadeom where they have set up a new Nexus and have started trade relations with nearby inhabitants. This move solidified the K'hirasx's position in the Hierarchy as they have proven themselves quite willing to follow Hydrox's command even with extremely unethical and distasteful commands.

This move eliminated 99% of all Dein alive, bringing the population down to a few tens of thousands from billions.

This has proven to be rather destructive to the morale of the Hierarchy and ultimately lead to the downfall of Hydrox, challenged and replaced by Palzak who gained popular support by saying that the elimination of the Dein was completely irresponsible and was not a valid action. None the less, attempts to consol the Dein have proven the Dein to be inconsolable in this particular instance.

Genetic Manipulations and alterations[edit]

The Hierarchy has been known to, whether secretly or otherwise, fiddle with the genetics and education of allies within it's borders. Each race has been modified and otherwise enhanced to handle some specific task or duty within the Hierarchy and handle it well. While not a hard and fast rule, each race acts as it's own caste and has a unique function to the society as a whole. This is not to say that a Zraki cannot command, or a Kr'rawk handing engineering duties, or a Hygapst being a Medic, but it does say that a majority of the race has been designed to handle specific things.

Table of Races And Duties[edit]

  Hygapst:  Command, Tactical and Strategic duties.
  DeinK'hirasx:  Internal Security, External Security, Information Management, Elite Soldiers.
  Kr'rawk:  Heralds of the Hierarchy, Communications, Translations, sometimes used as Fighter Pilots for certain sub-section.
  Zraki:  Engineering, self-healing system of most ships and tinkerers.
  Falbarq:  Extremely flexable and creative medics.  Could be related to the Black Goo.
  Grultl:  Living Starships, highly advanced AI/crystaline entities.
  Saalvar:  Traders and clerks of the Hierarchy.

Accomplishments/Noted Technologies[edit]

Black Goo: Substance that has the ability to radically alter the state of matter including biological life forms. Can be a weapon, can be a preserver, possibly a lifeform (is according to the Dein).

Transport Network: The Hierarchy has a network of outposts scattered around their space, approximately 1 per every 8 light years squared. They have the ability to transport ships from one point in the Hierarchy to another.

Blackstone Neutronium Starships: Starships, possibly artifacts of the A'rthan's or hybrid artifacts, that are made of stellar cores. They are weapons in themselves, able to pull planets out of orbit just by their mere presence in star systems. Slow moving but powerful ships. Construction rates are increadibly slow.