Stellar Catastrophe

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A critical turning point in the history of the Shyedarians was an event known as the Stellar Catastrophe. Melatarin's sun abruptly began emitting unusual forms of radiation, which had a very peculiar effect on the Shyedarians. They developed a small, third lobe in their brains, located on top of and between the two normal hemispheres. The intracranial pressure caused by this growth on Shyedarians living at the time of the Catastrophe caused many deaths, while Shyedarians born after had slightly more elongated skulls to accomodate it.

The effect on the functioning of the Shyedarian brain was profound. Individuals lost nearly all of their emotional control, causing widespread rampages of violence throughout the Melatarin system. This violence then spread as the affected Shyedarians formed war fleets to bring destruction to their outside colonies as well. This period of violence and devastation came to be known as the Period of Fire.

Although Shyedarians have adapted to the changes brought on by the Stellar Catastrophe, they remain an emotionally unpredictable race, known often to be short-tempered and prone to violence.