The Annulus

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Physical Manifestation[edit]

Type: Ring Galaxy

Size: 110,000 ly diameter

Thickness: 15,000 ly


Contains a majority of the content of the Shye Information Bank. Contains the Zulu Sector, Alpha Sector, Foxtrot Sector, Foxtrot (prime), and various other regions of space.

Placement in the Universe[edit]

A member of the Virgo Supercluser, grouped with a local combination the size of 1x10^15 light years called The Collective of galaxies. The ring shape was set up by collisions with another galaxy in the past, the primary structure in the center robbing and forming a ring with the aggressive raping of the passing galaxy. More collisions are destined for the galaxy, the next one due in 4 billion years.

The galaxy has several satellite galaxies, these ones most notably elliptical galaxies, known as Orb of Galanx, Sxinon's Globule, and Graffle's Splotch. Travel to external galaxies, even satellite ones, is most difficult due to the nature of faster than light travel does not work outside of The Annulus.


This was inspired by Hoag's Object, a real galaxy (in fact, that's what the picture is!) of a ring galaxy. Ring galaxy structures are extremely rare.