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It has been five standard years now since the signing of the Treaty of Kyuusei, bringing the war with the Shyedarian Empire to an end. The Vraath invasion was repelled, and a state of relative peace prevails in the Zulu sector. The Commonwealth of Independent Systems (commonly referred to as the CIS) was formed shortly afterward by the Kydheril Accord as a neutral body to oversee relations between the different societies of the Zulu sector.

ShyeMUSH's theme is original science fiction, set mainly in the Zulu sector of the galaxy, taking place on starships and space stations. Some of the concepts, terms and technology are familiar from such staples as Star Trek and Star Wars, while others are entirely new inventions.

The main focus of the game currently is the Firestorm, a starship recently built and launched by the CIS. The Firestorm's primary mission is exploration, carrying representatives of the CIS beyond its territorial boundaries to meet with other races, and just to see what is out there. While the Firestorm does carry fighter wings and marines, it is not considered a military ship; its command crew is made up of a mixture of different races, with different backgrounds. See the files on the Firestorm for more information.

The Shyedarian Rebellion was a long, gruelling conflict between the Shyedarian Empire and, well, pretty much everyone else. It started as a coup d'etat within the Empire, and quickly expanded to engulf the entire Zulu sector (see 'news info races shyedarian rebellion'). The Shyedarian Empire now forms part of the backbone of the CIS, providing its military strength as a police and defense force, the IPPF.

The other races of the Zulu sector, with the exception of the Rshast, have also joined the CIS. Representatives of these races form the CIS Assembly, which meets at Kydheril, a neutral space station originally built in cooperation between the Sidhe and Myxotar peoples (see 'news areas kydheril').

Also figuring heavily in this chapter of the ShyeMUSH saga is the Srrrylat Hierarchy, an empire even larger the CIS existing mainly in the adjacent Foxtrot and Foxtrot Prime sectors. Relations between the Hierarchy and the CIS have been rocky, but so far there have been no open hostilities, and a treaty keeps the two relatively civil toward eachother. Whether that peace will last, and who might be the first to break it, are issues this chapter will eventually answer.

Lastly, this chapter has seen a rise in activity of the Shifters, an enigmatic group whose true motives are unknown. It is known they have a great deal of interest in the artifacts of the A'rthans, and that they hold greater influence in the affairs of the Hierarchy and CIS than previously suspected. They also possess technologies undreamed of by either group, and may prove themselves to be the greatest threat faced since the 6-Y was last banished.