Tsurugi Mura

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Player Character
Character: Tsurugi Mura
Species Cibosan
Gender Male
Age 13 years
Home Planet Deep Space
Assignment Fighter Pilot/Security Officer
Rank Commander
Current status Active duty on board the CIS Firestorm
Played By User:Bob


Tsurugi Mura was born toward the end of the Shyedarian Revolution to a historically unimportant Cibosan couple. Washed out of the Warrior Academy, they assisted the war effort on the side of the Rebellion by transporting weapons and supplies to rebel outposts; and when the war ended, the couple shifted their focus to commerce, trading mainly in Cibosan wines and spirits. Eventually they chose to retire, and the family's light freighter, the Tamago, passed to their oldest son, Okoro, and his female companion Akiri, with Mura serving as a third member of the crew.

(More to come.)