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Physical Attributes

Average Height 2.5 meters Average Weight 70 kg
Hair None Eyes Transparent with dark red retinas
Skin Thin and leathery in blacks and grays
Limbs Two arms; two legs, digitigrade with anisodactyl feet; two large membranous wings.
Physical Strength O (Average) Physical Agility O (Average)
Intelligence ++ (Considerably above average)
ESP/Psychic Abilities Very strong telepathy
Infant Child Adolescent Adult Aged
0-4 years 4-40 years 40-120 years 120-300 years 300-400 years
Personality Ethnocentric, ruthless and methodical


Marriage Monogamy
Reproduction One offspring every 2-3 years
Family None to speak of -- Vraath do not recognize family bonds.

Social Structure

Outlook Vraath dedicate themselves fully to their occupations, whether it is politics, science, art or conquest. Each Vraath belongs to a certain caste (Thinkers or Workers), and can advance or be demoted within their caste, but can never leave it. The Vraath themselves do minimal work themselves, relying almost entirely on slaves taken from other races or prisoners of war for labor.


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At the moment, little is known about the origins and history of the Vraath. When moving in large numbers, they usually seem to travel by wormhole, so it is impossible to tell where they come from or how large a territory they cover. However, xenobiologists have determined that the Vraath do not appear to be related to any other known species in the Zulu Sector or surrounding explored sectors.


Vraath are tall, spindly-looking avian creatures. They have beak-shaped heads with two horns protruding back from their skulls, and two long fangs that extend out of their mouths at all times, pointing downwards. Vraath have long, slender limbs, and on each hand are four foot-long claws that the Vraath usually keep razor-sharp. They also have large, leathery wings which allow them to glide easily, and can be used for powered flight with some effort.


Vraath society is strictly divided into three castes: Thinkers, Workers, and Slaves. Members of the Thinking and Working castes are always Vraath, and members of the Slave caste are always of races other than Vraath -- typically beings either captured in war or kidnapped.

Vraath Thinkers are the leaders of Vraath society, and are distinguished by the long robes with elaborate clasps that they usually wear. Thinkers are not expected to do any kind of physical work: their only task is to help govern their society, and tell the Workers what to do.

Vraath Workers are as close as the Vraath come to doing actual labor for themselves. They are distinguished by their lack of clothing, wearing at most a harness for carrying tools or supplies. In highly specialized fields, such as advanced medicine, Workers will do actual work themselves, but if a task can be completed by Slaves, then Slaves are used instead, with the Workers supervising.

Vraath Slaves are no better than puppets. Aside from Slaves used in combat, which are allowed to retain a small measure of self-awareness in order to respond better in combat, Slaves have no will of their own, and act entirely on the whims of their masters.


Vraath, whether of the worker or thinker caste, are highly aristocratic creatures. They will only deign to do such work as cannot be adequately performed by their slaves. Without question, Vraath society would collapse without their slaves, but because the slaves' wills are eliminated in the enslavement process, there is no chance a slave revolt could ever occur.

Vraath consider themselves to be the pinnacle of evolution. All other races, in their opinion, are suitable only either as slaves or as food. They seem to have a particular animosity toward telepathic races; they consider their form of non-verbal telepathy superior, and find the idea of telepathy used to ape verbal language deeply offensive. Some Vraath have in fact learned to use verbal telepathy, but they consider such knowledge shameful, and will only use it when there is no other choice. More often, they will instruct their slaves to communicate for them.

Vraath have an extremely low tolerance for cybernetic enhancement, and regard them as abominable. Any being they capture that has cybernetic enhancements has those enhancements removed, and whatever parts are missing after that are reconstructed for them. They will usually view any being with visible cybernetics as loathesome, although they can be tolerated if necessary. Vraath will never accept cybernetic replacements or enhancements in themselves -- they would rather go through life handicapped than allow a machine to be integrated into their bodies.