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Player Character
Character: Vrilnashter
Species Shyedarian
Gender Male
Age 70
Home Planet Melatarin
Assignment Head of the IPPF
Rank Admiral
Current status On CIS Seraph
Played By User:Bob

Current Status[edit]

Vrilnashter is the head of the IPPF, the enforcement branch of the CIS. He is also the next in line to rule the Shyedarian Empire, a member of the CIS Assembly, and head of a Shyedarian Great House.


Prince Vrilnashter is the current heir to the Shyedarian Empire, and also the Executive Officer of the CIS Department of Defense and leader of the IPPF, holding the military rank of Admiral. One of the formerly lost offspring of Empress Htomari, he worked with the Rebels during the Shyedarian Revolution, mainly providing espionage services. Later, he was adopted as head of a Shyedarian Great House, and gained the support of a large number of other Houses in order to force Emperor Roughesh VI to sign the Treaty of Kyuusei, and later the Kydheril Accord.

Preparing for the day he will ascend to the Crag -- the Shyedarian seat of governance -- Vrilnashter has become a highly public figure, active both in the Commonwealth government and in the local Shyedarian political scene. Although he denounces the actions of Emperor Roughesh VI during the Revolution, he gives the Empire his full support, and is constantly working both to improve the Shyedarian standard of living, and to provide positive outlets for his race's natural aggressiveness. His current initiatives center around exploration and colonization of unoccupied worlds, hoping to strengthen the war-weakened Empire and improve its standing with the CIS.