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Message From Bob[edit]

As I see it, the idea of presenting the Shye Encyclopedia as a wiki is to allow anyone to contribute their knowledge and ideas without restrictions. However, bear in mind that all submissions are subject to review by... well, everyone, actually. So, you know, don't take things too personally here. Look at the pretty flower, breathe deeply, and be at peace.

  • Due to past abuse, the wiki requires registration to edit documents. Furthermore, registration from the website is turned off. If you wish to register as a contributor to the wiki, log into the game ( and ask one of the game admins (Raphsalot or Bob) to register you.
  • Try to write articles in the encyclopedia as though you were writing a report for a class, or an article for publication. Observe rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Do not contribute material that is inappropriate for young viewers. If it would embarass your mother, think twice before you click that "Save page" button.
  • The first step when adding a new page is to first add a link to the page on the index page, then follow that link and create the article. That will maintain the table of contents and also alert you if the name you wanted to use for the page is already in use. Please try to keep the sections alphabetical.
  • If adding a topic with subtopics, be sure the subtopics have the main topic at the start. E.g., if writing an article on Shyedarian physiology, the topic title should be "Shyedarians, physiology".
  • Although you are not required to add a summary when making a change to an article, it can make it easier to find specific changes when a page is modified later, so it is a good idea.
  • Tentatively, we would like to keep topics together in a single sectioned article, rather than breaking them into subarticles. E.g., all of the information about the Shyedarian race can be found in a single article broken into sections, with subarticles used only for related topics. Create section headers by enclosing the header in double equal signs. Subsections use triple equal signs, quadruple equal signs, etc. == This is a section == === This is a subsection === ==== This is a sub-subsection ==== If the article has at least three sections in it, then a table of contents will automatically be generated at the top of the page. To refer to one of these subsections in a link, the syntax of the wiki link is [[<article>#<section>|<display text>]]. So for example, [[Shyedarians#Physiology|What does a Shyedarian look like?]] creates a link to the Physiology section of the Shyedarians article that looks like this: What does a Shyedarian look like?

Thank you, and enjoy.