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Physical Attributes

Average Height 0.5 meters Average Weight 5 kg
Hair None Eyes Two, solid black
Skin Leathery, often with a pattern of spots covering the back of the neck, back and tail. Colors are typically shades of brown or green, although some reds, blacks, grays and blues occasionally occur.
Limbs Two arms; two legs; one long, muscular tail. Zraki have unusually long fingers and toes, which they use for grasping and performing fine manipulations.
Physical Strength -- (Considerably Below Average) Physical Agility +++ (Exceptional)
Intelligence -- (Considerably Below Average); +++ (Exceptional, engineering tasks only)
ESP/Psychic Abilities None.
Infant Child Adolescent Adult Aged
0-1 1-2 2-4 4-15 15-20
Personality Shy, simple-minded, industrious.


Marriage Brief pairings for reproduction only
Reproduction Frequent clutches of 6-20 eggs
Family Children raised collectively by the community

Social Structure

Outlook Loose clan structure, with leaders selected by merit


Where None - Zraki rely on innate knowledge that develops shortly after birth
Who N/A
Main Goal N/A


Food Preferences Omnivorous, but preferring fruits and nuts
Spices None
Public Eateries Zraki rely on food offered to them by other races, or they hunt and gather or steal what they need.


Fabric Plant fiber or synthetics
Description Strictly utilitarian.


Name Zrak
Tone Very rapid chitters, hisses, clicks and whistles


Building Materials Any materials that can be scavanged
Characteristic Features Practical, with no particular style


Entertainment Socializing; feasting; acrobatic, organized group dancing; large-scale cooperative games


Tech level Interstellar, but only work with scavanged materials
Transport Whatever is locally available
Weapons Whatever can be improvised from available materials
Communication Radio communicators


Resources (in order by relative value) Engineering labor
Main Fuel Anything they can scavange
Exchange None
Economic Model Communistic


Type Clan
Leader Clan leader and sub-leaders
Taxes None
Military None Purpose N/A
Law Enforcement None
Courts and Punishment Disputes resolved by community decision



The Zraki are a race of beings originally from the Srrrylat Hierarchy, but now found throughout G3. They are reptillian, with long, slender necks and tails, long snouts, large black eyes, tiny sharp teeth, and pits for ears. The most notable feature of their appearance is their size: a full-grown Zraki will be no more than 2 feet tall, with a very light frame, and an almost spindly appearance. Zraki have a digitigrade posture very similar to that of the Dein. They also have four unusually long digits and one opposable digit on each paw and foot; they use the extra digit on their feet for extra stability with standing, to perch on objects like a bird, or to cling for climbing. Zraki are also extremely quick and agile, having a natural response time nearly twice as fast as an average being's. Being so small, Zraki tend to be non-aggressive, and if threatened will almost always use their superior speed and agility to escape danger. A Zraki generally only chooses to fight when cornered, and even then will flee at the first opportunity.

Zraki are the galaxy's premier engineers, having literally an innate sense for how mechanical and electrical devices work and fit together. Most often they are employed on starships and space stations, where they will live within the crawlspaces of the superstructure and keep everything running smoothly. They generally do not expect payment beyond food, supplies, and protection.

Independent Zraki nearly always live in colonies with other Zraki, and use whatever technology is available to make their homes. On a world without technology, they will construct homes using wood or stone. If there is another advanced civilization nearby, Zraki will scavange what they can from whatever that civilization discards.

Of particular note are Zraki who have managed to scavange derelict spaceships and turn them into colonyships. A Zraki colonyship is as self-sufficient as possible, and tends to be comprised of a mishmash of drives, power systems, defensive systems, weapons, living modules, and so on, all salvaged by the Zraki over the course of generations. Colonyships tend to grow steadily as the Zraki incorporate more debris into its design to expand its capabilities. The largest documented Zraki colonyship rivals Kydheril Station in size. Zraki on board colonyships are one of the few exceptions to the rule of Zraki non-aggression -- when the inhabitants of a colonyship come across a disabled ship, or a ship that looks unable to defend itself or escape, they sometimes will choose to capture the ship to disassemble for parts, regardless of whether the ship is occupied. While the crew of a captured ship are generally not in danger -- Zraki are shy about attacking other beings in person -- defending a ship against a Zraki invasion is extremely difficult, as they can easily get into crawlways and other areas not easily accessible to defenders, and are quick to disable any ship defense systems that might cause them harm.